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This page is intended to serve as a clearinghouse for information of all kinds related to academic programs, policies, and activities at Millikin University. 

The Role of the Provost
Provost - Dr. Jeffery Aper

I’m often asked what a Provost does. A few years ago one of my neighbors who was a veteran of World War II asked me about my job and when I told him I was a Provost, he was forever after convinced that I was Provost Marshal, or the head of the campus police force. While this influenced him to treat me with significant deference, it reinforced my conviction that I needed to find more effective ways to explain my role within the institution.

The primary role of the Provost is to serve as Chief Academic Officer for the University, which means working closely with the faculty to assure the best possible experience and outcomes for all of our students. That means facilitating the good work of faculty as teachers, advisors, scholars, researchers, artists, and citizens of the University and larger community. More broadly, I believe that the role of the Provost is to be the foremost advocate for the quality of all learning and development opportunities for our students, and that requires supporting and collaborating with faculty and staff colleagues who work to serve students in a wide variety of ways that enhance their experience at Millikin and preparation for a life of meaning and value.

In this capacity I work closely with the President to advance the mission of the University and serve the long-term best interests of the institution. Millikin University is an extraordinary community of thinkers and doers, and I am privileged to serve in a role that allows me strive to foster the success of such a gathering of capable faculty and staff who are truly devoted to the success of our diverse, capable, and hard-working students. 

Performance Learning

One of the most exciting things about Millikin is our dedication to Performance Learning, which emphasizes active student engagement in their learning and personal growth. It is not just a slogan; it is woven deeply into the fabric of the institution. It gives students the opportunity to go well beyond the more traditional learning they might get at other institutions. Performance Learning amplifies students’ experiences so they become much better prepared for life beyond Millikin through application and deepening of the knowledge and skills that they would otherwise get through more traditional approaches of instruction.


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Department News

Millikin Reverse Transfer Agreement
Academic | Admissions | Office of the President
Millikin, Heartland sign reverse transfer agreement
August 17, 2016, 2:15pm
Heartland Community College (HCC) and Millikin University have announced a reverse transfer agreement that will benefit students who transfer from HCC to Millikin before earning their...
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EDGE Program
Academic | Office of the Provost | Student Success
EDGE program introduces Millikin students to college classroom
August 12, 2016, 2:45pm
Millikin University's EDGE program (Excellence Developed through Growth and Experience) offers a unique opportunity for select first-year students to adjust to the academic demands of...
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Jeff Aper
Academic | Office of the Provost
Millikin Provost reflects on college rankings
July 13, 2016, 2:00pm
In light of Millikin University recently being named among the nation's best colleges and universities by Forbes in its ninth annual Top Colleges in America ranking, Millikin Provost...
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Celebrations of Scholarship
Academic | Campus | College of Arts & Sciences
Celebrations of Scholarship gives Millikin students chance to shine
April 25, 2016, 1:45pm
Millikin University will celebrate the scholastic and artistic achievements of students throughout the campus community during its 2016 Celebrations of Scholarship (COS) beginning Thursday...
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Najiba Benabess
Academic | Tabor School of Business
Millikin University names Dr. Najiba Benabess Dean of Tabor School of Business
April 21, 2016, 1:30pm
Dr. Najiba Benabess, director of the School of Business and Management within the College of Professional Schools at Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., has been named dean of Millikin...
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