Wes Hillen

August 10, 2021 12:08 PM

Name and class year:

Wes Hillen - Class of 2013


Major(s)/minor(s) while at Millikin:

Bachelors in Marketing


Current employer and job title:

Skeff Distributing, Account Manager (Salesman)


Why did you choose to attend Millikin?

I chose Millikin for a few reasons. I had a couple of friends from high school attend Millikin 2 years ahead of me, and they were happy with their experience, so I visited. I also chose Millikin because of its strong business program.


Please list some of your Big Blue stats and athletic achievements:

2012 and 2013 CCIW Individual Champion 

2-time PING All American 

Finished senior year ranked 6th in scoring average in the nation 

School record holder for lowest 36 hole score (136) and lowest season scoring average (73.52). 

While in school, I also qualified for the US Amateur, US Amateur Public Links, and the Patriot All American.


Aside from athletics, what activities did you participate in during your time at Millikin?

I was a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity on campus, so I spent a lot of my time at the house. I also played in most of the intramural sports during our offseason.


 What was your most memorable moment as a Millikin student-athlete?

My most memorable moment was in 2011 when our golf team won the conference title and advanced to the national championship in NC. We ended up making the cut at the NCAA Championships during a playoff. Memories that I will never forget.


What MU professor, coach, or staff member made the greatest impact on you, and why?

Sharon Alpi, my advisor. Without her, who knows if I would have even made it through school! I could go to her when I needed guidance, and she was never afraid to hit me with the hard truths.


What are some of your accomplishments since graduating from Millikin?

Since graduating Millikin, my athletic accomplishments consist of winning the Decatur City Amateur 3 separate years, playing in the US Amateur Four-Ball tournament at Winged Foot with a past teammate JB Spillane as my partner.


Apart from supporting the Big Blue, what is your favorite pastime?

Traveling as much as possible to spend time with friends all over the country, golfing any chance I get, spending time with family, and cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers!


How has your experience as a Millikin athlete prepared you for professional or personal success?

Early on in college, I had zero time management skills. I think being a Millikin student-athlete (or a student-athlete anywhere), you learn how to manage your time. Your schedule can get very busy, and things can get tough to deal with without a little bit of structure and planning. That translates into adult postgrad life and your career. If you can manage your time successfully, it makes things much easier down the road.


What advice would you give to current MU students about preparing for life after graduation?

First, I would advise that they keep in touch with the friends they made at school. Almost all of the great friends I have today I met at Millikin. People will take jobs all over the place, in different states, but keep in touch with them.

I would also tell them to use the connections that they made at school. Millikin is a very well-known institution, with connections all over the place. Use that to your advantage when looking for a career or if in need during a job change.