Noah Jahangir


Athletic Training

August 12, 2020 2:08 PM

Millikin transfer student following his dream of working with athletes

Noah Jahangir went through his first two years of college unsatisfied with the atmosphere that he was in. As a student at Illinois State University (ISU), Jahangir was spending his time in lecture halls with 300 students and wasn't studying what he wanted to major in. Not to mention, he wasn't playing soccer, one of his true passions.

The Elgin, Ill., native decided to make a change and chose to transfer to Millikin University his junior year; he also changed his major to athletic training. Coming to Millikin not only gave him an opportunity to engage in athletic training, but he was able to join the soccer team and continue the family legacy by following in the footsteps of his mother, Diane, who graduated from Millikin in 1987.

"Millikin was a great opportunity for me," Jahangir said. "I can play a sport, study the major I want, and do my clinical hours with no conflicts with classes."

Currently a senior, Jahangir says hands-on Performance Learning is what he loves about the athletic training program, and Millikin as a whole. The experience he is gaining is giving him the skills he needs to accomplish his dream of working with athletes.

"I don't want to be in a classroom," said Jahangir. "I want to be out there getting to know the athletes, doing the job, preparing me for the future. Not to mention, learning from the full-time athletic training staff and getting to know their experiences and stories from the past."

There's no better place for hands-on learning in the athletic training field than Millikin's Exercise Science and Sport Pavilion.

The School of Exercise Science and Sport at Millikin has grown considerably over the years with over 200 students. The Exercise Science and Sport Pavilion in the building currently known as West Towne Square was completely transformed thanks to the generosity of dozens of donors and the efforts of countless faculty members, students and volunteers. With the new renovations and equipment, Millikin students can prepare for their careers in one centralized location rather than in the previous eight individual facilities on campus.

The upstairs floor in the building features classrooms and collaborative spaces for learning and training. The floor also includes the BOD POD, which is one of the most accurate tests for assessing body fat and lean body mass. The lower level of the pavilion was remodeled, complete with an athletic training room, treadmills and other exercise and training equipment.

"There's so many things that you can use in the Exercise Science and Sport Pavilion that I use most days. It's a great place to be," said Jahangir.

Transferring, Jahangir says, was the right move. Even though he was going to leave his friends he made at ISU, he is extremely happy he came to Millikin. The people at Millikin, whether his new friends, teammates, coaches or professors, are what reassures Jahangir that he made the right choice to transfer. 

"Millikin is much more than yourself," Jahangir said. "It's the people around you and the experiences you have with them that will lead me to being successful in the future."