Matt Snyder

August 10, 2021 12:08 PM

Name and class year:

Matt Snyder - Class of 1991

Spouse's name:

Aleshia Snyder

Major(s)/minor(s) while at Millikin:

History - Secondary Education

Other degree(s), including awarding institutions:

Masters Degree - Educational Administration EIU Specialists Degree - Superintendent Endorsement EIU

Current employer and job title:

Regional Superintendent of Schools for Macon and Piatt Counties

Why did you choose to attend Millikin?

I chose Millikin for several reasons. Being from Decatur, it was convenient and close to home, and several of my friends chose Millikin as well. It had the perfect mix of academic and athletic success that I wanted to achieve. The football program was one of the best in Division III, and the education program was excellent.

Please list some of your Big Blue stats and athletic achievements:

2 CCIW titles undefeated season 1989 2909 career passing yards

Most yards per completion in a season, 1989 - 24.5 yds

Most yards per completion in a game, 1989 - 51.7 yds. vs. Carthage

What was your most memorable moment as a Millikin student-athlete?

It was beating Augustana in Rock Island in 1989. Millikin had come close many times in the 1980s, including getting beat 14-12 in 1988. We went up there and beat them handily, 33-8, and it felt like we won that game not only for ourselves but for all the teams that had come so close over the years. We won our next game and finished the season undefeated.

What MU professor, coach, or staff member made the greatest impact on you, and why?

There was not just one. In terms of football, it started with Coach Poelker, but the entire staff treated us with respect and pushed us to reach our potential. I always knew they had my best interest in mind, and they understood that football was a part of the Millikin experience, but not the only thing. We were there to get an education. The professor was Dr. Graham Provan, who was an excellent lecturer and demanded excellence.

What are some of your accomplishments since graduating from Millikin?

Since graduating, I was married in 1995 and have raised three children. I was a classroom teacher and coach for 13 years before moving into school administration. I was the head football coach at Argenta-Oreana for six years and made the 2A quarterfinals twice. I spent seven years as a volunteer assistant coach at Monticello High School and was part of the 2018 3A state championship team.

Apart from supporting the Big Blue, what is your favorite pastime?

I currently enjoy spending time and traveling with my family. We have been fortunate to travel across America and expose our children to different cities and cultures.

How has your experience as a Millikin athlete prepared you for professional or personal success?

I grew up in Decatur, a blue-collar town where you were expected to work hard. Millikin football had that same mentality. We were taught to work hard and be responsible. The team was more important than the individual, and time management was crucial. I learned how to treat people with respect and have high expectations for myself and others.

What advice would you give to current MU students about preparing for life after graduation?

Enjoy the college experience. Life after college happens fast. One day you are graduating, and suddenly it's 10, 20, 30 years down the road, and you wonder where the time went. Be present and enjoy life doing the things you want to do. You need money to live, but do not make it your sole focus because time with the ones you love cannot be replaced.

Please list the name(s) and age(s) of your child/ren, as of Oct 2021:

Delaney Snyder - 23, Braden Snyder - 20, Monty Snyder - 16.