Gillian Beginski


Political Science

May 20, 2021 11:05 AM

What is your name, year, and hometown?

My name is Gillian Beginski and I am a junior political science major from Mundelein, Illinois.

Tell us about your semester in Washington D.C.?

I went to D.C. through American University’s (AU) Washington Semester Program. The university hosted its transfer students in offsite apartment buildings throughout the D.C. area, to better accommodate social distancing requirements and manage COVID concerns. I was in love with my location and class choices, my favorite of which being a Criminal Legal Systems Class with Professor Crouch. I was also an Executive Assistant for Organizational Advocacy, at the Just Future Project, a small criminal justice non-profit.

What was your favorite D.C. moment from your semester?

My favorite moment from D.C. was presenting to the United Nations Crime Congress at 2 a.m. with my coworkers. The conference was held in Japan, so we caffeinated and prepared an incredible presentation which we delivered virtually and live.

How do you think the semester added to your academic career?

The semester improved my sense of self and helped me become more of a self-starter. The experience taught me valuable life skills and helped me grow into a more independent and career-ready student.

What advice do you have to students considering the semester in D.C. during their time at Millikin?

I highly recommend taking advantage of all that the program has to offer! The faculty at AU are incredibly accommodating and flexible in meeting the needs of transferring students. The semester-long program gives students plenty of time to explore D.C., take advantage of popular attractions, and try hundreds of dining options.