February 24, 2015 at 2:30pm

Millikin student wins Afghan sports honor

Millikin Student Hasida WaliHasida Wali, a Millikin University Sophomore remembers a time when womens right were not in her favor.  In Afghanistan females could barely leave the house and much less play sports.
Now that they overthrew the country's Tailban government in 2001, Wali has been fortunate to pursue sports and schooling.  
Wali played sports such as volleyball and basketball growing up but the sport she loved most was soccer.  She played on a youth team for girls under 14 and was selected for the national team two years later.  Prior  to leaving Afghanistan to go to India to attend an English high school, she ran the Women's Football Committee of the Afghanistan Football Federation in 2010.
While at Millikin University, Wali studied pre-medicine before switching her major to political science.  She quickly realized she didn't care much for biology.  She has also played for the Women's Soccer Team but unfortunately had to serve as a team manager because of an injury which occured during a preseason practice.
Wali has also been recognized at the 2014 Rumi Awards in Las Vegas for her efforts in December.
After Graduation Wali hopes to return to Afghanistan to "work with the gorvernment on (improving) women's rights."
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