May 11, 2015 at 12:45pm

Digital media bring changes to literature

Traditional literature is advancing, due in part to technology, and Dr. Tony Magagna, Millikin University assistant professor of English, is researching ways to study literature with the use of new media.
Recently awarded Millikin's Teaching Excellence Award and the Warren G. Hardy Distinguished Professorship in English, Dr. Magagna is developing a new course tentatively called "Hybrid Literatures" to be held this fall as part of a two-year project to create new ways to study English literature.
Dr. Magagna will conduct research on ways media and technology influence literature, and how literature will be defined in the 21st century.
Dr. Jeffery Aper, Millikin provost, says, "Dr. Magagna gets a great response from students, but his colleagues also respond to him very positively because he always has good ideas and insights."
Dr. Magagna will divide his research into three parts: literature that takes on the digital age as a subject matter; new forms of narrative that utilize new media and technology to tell stories; and ways people can teach or study both new literature and traditional literature using new media tools.
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