October 3, 2014 at 1:00pm

Millikin University faculty members Dr. David Burdick, associate professor of music, Dr. Mark Samples, assistant professor of music, and Edward Weber, assistant professor of information systems, took top awards at the annual Experiential Classroom Faculty Clinic held Sept. 18-21, 2014, at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla. The trio took three of the four awards that were handed out during the clinic's closing ceremony.

The Experiential Classroom is the premier clinic for faculty who are relatively new to the teaching of entrepreneurship and the building of entrepreneurship programs. Professors from many countries and disciplines gather together in the Experiential Classroom to learn the top pedagogies in entrepreneurship education from leaders in the field. Over the past 14 years, approximately 1,000 professors have benefited from this excellent "teach-the-teachers" format.

Millikin University's Center for Entrepreneurship has sent more than 17 delegates to the program since 2000.

The clinic featured team workshops in which 16 teaching teams were created and case studies were assigned to each team. Each team had to teach a 30-student undergrad class using the particular case they had been given. Each team also taught in front of two professional evaluators.

Dr. David Burdick's team won the "Excellence in the Entrepreneurship Classroom Award" for their work on the assigned case "Opportunity Recognition." The case was based on the essential first step when considering launching, or otherwise moving forward, on an entrepreneurial venture.

"Our presentation turned out to be highly engaging for the students and their demonstration of comprehension, and application of the subject matter for our topic was impressive," said Dr. Burdick. "I am highly appreciative of the two team members I worked with. They were both very talented and superb collaborators. If there's one thing I've learned about the world of business and entrepreneurship, it's all about team work."
Edward Weber's team won the "Outstanding Case Teaching Award" for creative teaching at the clinic. Weber's team was tasked with presenting a case while utilizing technology-based tools to enhance the learning experience for the students. The team incorporated five different technologies including Prezi, Jing, YouTube, Skype, and Socrative, while developing and presenting their case.

"Having very little group prep time in advance of the session, our team members worked independently to develop and extend our respective portions and then tie the entire work back together to a core focus of engaging and challenging the students," said Weber. "My first reaction to winning the award was that I was shocked. The organizers also said that it was the first time they had seen so many students stay after a session to gain additional information about the actual case and learning components."

Dr. Mark Samples won an individual award called the "Igniting the Flame Award" for creative teaching, enthusiasm, and embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship education.

"I felt honored to receive the award, especially since there were so many engaged and enthusiastic participants at the workshop," said Dr. Samples. "I was inspired by my colleagues' openness to try new styles of teaching, and to take risks in the classroom for the good of our students."

Dr. Samples says the clinic helped in terms of Performance Learning development. "The Experiential Classroom reinforced for me the value of Millikin's Performance Learning approach, while showing me new ways to engage my students in real-world learning. The faculty members were a well-spring of knowledge and resources, allowing me to bring back some teaching resources that I can use right away in my courses."

Weber added, "My overall experience at the clinic was simply outstanding. I accumulated a great number of takeaways which I will be implementing."

For more information on the Experiential Classroom Faculty Clinic, visit warrington.ufl.edu/centers/cei/faculty/experiential/.