March 21, 2014 at 1:37pm
Dr. Jennifer Schroeder, Millikin University assistant professor of biology, received Turnitin's 2014 Academic Integrity Award in the higher education sector. Dr. Schroeder was recognized for using Turnitin's Originality Report to promote academic integrity, independent thought, and ethical reasoning for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Turnitin, a leader in originality checking and online grading, announced on March 19 the 12 winners for the Turnitin All-Stars Award Program. Comprised of educators and institutions, the selected winners demonstrated excellence and success in effectively using Turnitin to support student learning.

"I feel honored to have received this award from Turnitin, and to be recognized for how I emphasize the idea of academic integrity in my courses," said Dr. Schroeder. "I want students to be proud of the work that they do, and I feel that it can only be accomplished when students are using their own voice to convey information they have learned."

Dr. Schroeder has a writing component in each of her courses and utilizes frequently, from smaller writing assignments to large research papers with drafts. Some of the courses she teaches include first-year biology and graduate nursing courses.

"At Millikin, we believe in expecting students to be creators of new knowledge, and often that means that our students know how to write based on their own observations, their own investigations, and their own creative experiences," said Dr. Randy Brooks, dean of Millikin University's College of Arts & Sciences. "Dr. Jennifer Schroeder understands the importance of empowering the students to seek and use their own knowledge. She demonstrates that quality original writing is important in all areas of academic learning."

Dr. Schroeder added, "In receiving this award from Turnitin, I am not only being recognized for what I do in the classroom, but I now have a voice outside of Millikin to share how I address plagiarism through my spotlight page on the Turnitin website."

Turnitin is used by more than 10,000 institutions in 126 countries to manage the submission, tracking and evaluation of student work online. The company's cloud-based service for originality checking, online grading and peer review provides rich feedback to students.

"Our winners and honorable mentions are considered the very best and brightest stars from a universe of a million instructors and 10,000 schools that use Turnitin," said Ray Huang, senior customer programs manager for Turnitin. "We are fortunate to have their stories be shared with the educational community, to serve as shining examples and inspiration."

The full list of winners and honorable mentions are available on the Turnitin website and include interviews with each of the individuals: