February 23, 2015 at 10:30am

Disney Immersion Course

Millikin University Immersion Class
Students were able to relive their childhood memories by taking a new Disney immersion class which may sound like all fun and games.
During their experience the students were required to write reflections about their trip.  For most of them, their experience was life changing.
Stanley Natonek, a sophomore theatre major from Oswego, stated that he now knows what exact work he aspires to do which is parade production for Disney.
"Seeing all the ins and outs of how they produce the magic and what they give back to people, I can see myself working there one day," he said.  "I found a goal for after college."
Alum of Millkin University and also a production Manager at Disney world, Jamie Kern of Decatur was able to give back to Millikin University and the students.  Kern was able to give the students special access to areas of the park the public could not see, including the animation studio and costume area in Hollywood Studios and the park's business offices.
The associate professor of theater who created the Designing Disney immersion class Jana Henry Funderburk and assistant theater professor Matth Albrecht, said the name come from the title of a book by John Hench the students read before driving to Florida the week before regular second-semester classes began Jan. 20.
The students were assigned exercises which consisted of students suggesting changes to improve Hollywood Studios.
Albrecht stated that the majority of the students mentioned that the class changed the course of their lives. 
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