What's a 'Pre-Professional' program?

The advising offered by the Pre-Professional program is specifically designed as a springboard to the next step in your academic career. For many students who are interested in a career in health care, you already know that your academic path will be different than many of your peers.

Our programs are structured in a way that you build the foundation specific to your chosen path, while also building a broad-based understanding of the arts, social issues, and business. Let us help you embark on one of the greatest adventures of your life - your professional career.


The Pre-Professional Program at Millikin University welcomes new students to join our community of learners. We will help you prepare for a post-graduate degree and a career in the health care. Personal contact with the Director of the Pre-Professional Program as well as admission exam preparation, interview preparation, and personal application aid, distinguish our program from others. This is an advising program, not a major. The program director works with each student individually to prepare for professional success beyond Millikin.

Please use this website as a resource and see our FAQs, timelines, and resources for more information. The department also welcomes your questions. For the most efficient response, please use our contact form or set up a personal meeting with the director through the Admissions Office. The director will be delighted to meet with you and your family to explain the program in detail and answer your questions.


The Pre-Professional Program complements the Millikin's mission statement. The director of the program provides guidance and advice to help you achieve your academic and professional goals in a global environment. You will be encouraged to acquire a broad education in the humanities and sciences, to strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills and to become a competitive candidate for post graduate programs in professional schools, ultimately leading to a career in health care.

The program at Millikin is highly individualized. Each person in the program is treated with honesty and respect. There are many pathways that students can travel to achieve success and the program will facilitate that journey.