Program Highlights

Although professional schools vary in their philosophies and requirements for admission, they all emphasize the importance of a diverse education. In addition to a strong foundation in science and mathematics, you should develop strong communication skills and a solid background in social sciences, arts, and humanities. In our experience, quality and breadth of the undergraduate experience are more important to future success than developing narrow specialization in science at this stage in your education.

Students in this program are encouraged to gain research experience by collaborating with biology faculty on a research project. Both the Traditional Track and Molecular and Cell Biology Track provide excellent preparation for medical school curricula. The Pre-Professional advising sheets list specific coursework and provide other important advice for students with Pre-Professional interests.

Sample Plan of Study

This plan of study shows the types of courses you might take as a student in this major. This is presented simply to provide a realistic preview of your coursework. Once you enroll at Millikin, a faculty advisor will guide you through the process of selecting courses that will help you graduate on-time from this program. While this sample demonstrates a plan of study that covers eight semesters, each student’s academic path is unique and your timeline may look different.

Sample Plan of Study
Semester 1 Ecology and Evolution with Lab
General Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry Lab I
Public Speaking
University Seminar
Critical Reading and Writing I
Semester 2 Diversity of Life with Lab
General Inorganic Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry Lab II
Critical Reading and Writing II
Calculus I
Fine Arts
Semester 3 Statistical Analysis
Intermediate Chemistry Lab I
Organic Chemistry I
US Cultural Studies
Semester 4 Molecular and Cell Biology with Lab
Research (optional)
Intermediate Chemistry Lab II
Organic Chemistry II
US Structural Studies
Semester 5 Biology Content Category
International Cultures and Structures I
Global Studies
College Physics I
Physics Lab I
Semester 6 Biology Content Category
Biology Elective
International Cultures and Structures II
College Physics II
Physics Lab II
Semester 7 Biology Content Category
Research (optional)
Senior Seminar
Semester 8 Biology Content Category
Senior Seminar
Historical Studies