Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Donating appreciated securities is a smart way to give to Millikin that combines ease of giving with great tax benefits. If you have securities that have appreciated and would like to use them to make a gift to Millikin, you can send unendorsed stock certificates by registered mail, or you can instruct your broker to wire transfer your stock gift to*:

Raymond James
Brechnitz Group
Shawna Wagers or Jim Neff
Phone: 217.423.1388
Fax: 217.423.2234
Acct#: 13382703
DTC#: 0725

*Due to privacy laws, many brokerage firms will not release the donor’s name with the transfer. Please contact us at 1-877-JMU-ALUM (217-568-2586) to tell us the name of the stock, number of shares, expected date of the transfer, and the gift designation (e.g., the Millikin Fund, Annual Scholarships, etc.) so that we can thank you for your gift.

By giving appreciated securities directly to Millikin, you avoid paying the capital gains tax on the securities, and if you itemize your taxes, you receive an income-tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift.

The chart below illustrates the potential tax savings from making a gift of assets which were purchased for $40,000 and have appreciated to $100,000. The donor in this hypothetical example is in a federal income tax bracket which correlates to the 15% capital gain tax bracket.


Option 1: donate stock directly to Millikin

Option 2: sell stock and donate the cash

Current fair market value of stocks



Long-term capital gains tax paid (15% of the capital gains, i.e. $60,000)



Amount Millikin receives/your charitable deduction