Associate Professor
Modern Languages Department


Dr. Paul Touré is Associate Professor of Modern Languages. He received his MA in Francophone Literature and Stylistics at the Université d’Abidjan-Cocody in the Ivory Coast (West Africa) and his Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures (Francophone Studies) at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Touré is a fellow of the School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University. He is the current president of the Francophone caucus of the African Literature Association and serves as a Faculty member of Humanities Undergraduate Research Forum and the Council of Curriculum at Millikin University.

He teaches all levels of French and courses on literature, cinema, music and cultures of various regions of the francophone world : Francophone cultures ; Francophone literature and culture; French and Francophone Cinema; Study abroad in Paris; French for Business; French Conversation; French Composition. He teaches Interdepartmental Freshman and Senior Seminars: IN 140 University Studies and LV Senior Seminar. Dr. Toure also serves as Adviser of several student's organizations.

Dr. Touré research interests are Francophone African studies with a focus on literature and film, migration, transnationalism, ethics, Philosophy, history, resilience, violence, genocide, and cognitive sciences (emotional psychology). This research agenda is concerned with the understanding of human nature in literature and film, on how the mind responds to difficult situations, crises, or war conditions. Toure's articles in French and in English have appeared in Research in African Literature, Journal of African Literature Association, Nouvelles Études Francophones, International Journal of Francophone Studies, and he has authored chapters in Under Fire: Critical Discourses on African Women in War and Conflict (2017) and Tierno Monénembo, un écrivain pluriel (2015). He is editing a book in French entitled “Énigme et Émerveillement: L’imaginaire africain francophone et le miroir de la culture globale” [Enigma and Wonderment: Francophone African Imaginations in the Mirror of Global Culture]. Dr. Toure’s new book project is titled “The Texture of Black Reminiscence: History of Emotional Memory in Francophone African and Caribbean Literature” and it examines the archeology of representations of time, emotion, memory, suffering, death, resilience, and recovery as imagined by Francophone African and Caribbean writers.

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