Assistant Professor

Julie Bates teaches professional writing and editing, rhetoric, and composition coursework in the English department and is Director of First-Year Writing. She has a PhD in Rhetoric, Composition, and Technical Communication from Illinois State University and earned an M.A. in Liberal & Integrative Studies (with emphases in environmental studies and journalism) from the University of Illinois-Springfield.

Julie's research interests include environmental rhetorics, feminist rhetorics, digital rhetorics, visual rhetorics, material rhetorics, disability rhetorics, technical and professional communication, risk communication, multimodal composition, social justice, and magazine journalism.

Julie is the Book Review Editor for Rhetoric Review. In addition, she is a writer, editor, copy editor, and proofreader with more than 10 years of professional experience.


  • Toward an Interventionary Rhetoric for Technical Communication Studies (2017)

Recent Presentations:

  • Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference. “Proactive Feminist Approaches to Pedagogy and Scholarship That Address Emergent Social Justice Issues.” Interactive session facilitation/presentation. University of Dayton. October 2017.
  • Computers & Writing Conference. “Toward a Multimodal Technē of Intervention.” Paper presented. University of Findlay. June 2017.
  • Thomas R. Watson International Conference in Rhetoric and Composition. “Exploring Environmental Justice Interventions in Little Village: A Case Study.” Paper presented. University of Louisville. October 2017.