Program Highlights

Our accelerated Bachelor of Science and licensure program is generally a four semester evening program designed to help busy people like you complete a college degree in Elementary Education. Students in the Elementary Education program are prepared to teach grades kindergarten through fifth and will earn either an English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement or a Learning Behavior Specialist 1 Endorsement and spend one semester in supervised teaching at an elementary school. Once-a-week courses make it easier to fit college studies in to your life. They also allow you to focus on thoroughly understanding one topic at a time.


Adults who have already earned a bachelor's degree and would like to teach will need Licensure. Candidates desiring licensure in Elementary Education (Illinois type-03: K - grade 5) participate in a curriculum that includes:

  • A broad background in the subjects commonly taught in elementary schools
  • Methods classes offering instruction in teaching those subjects
  • Other professional education classes providing theory and experiences concerning schools, teachers and learning

Structure and location

Students generally take one course at a time for a 5-week period, then move into the next course. Classes generally are in the evening, but may include some Saturdays. The Elementary Education program is offered on the Millikin campus and also on the campus of Parkland College in Champaign.


Learn more about testing required for admission into the School of Education.

Departmental Course Offerings

Courses change each semester, so this list should not be considered a commitment to these individual topics. However, this does represent a list of many of our current and popular courses. The list is provided so that you can begin to imagine your academic career at Millikin in this major.

Sequential courses

  • IN140 University Seminar (3)
  • IN150 CWRRI, or English Composition I (must pass with a C or better) (3)
  • IN151 CWRRII, or English Composition II (must pass with a C or better) (3)
  • IN250 U.S. Studies (HI203 or HI204) (must pass with a C or better) (3)
  • IN251 U.S. Studies (ED209. Foundations of Bilingual Education, if ESL is chosen) (3)
  • IN350 Global Issues (3)

Non-sequential courses

  • Quantitative Reasoning (must have MA prefix and pass with a C or better) (3)
  • Additional Math course above MA098 (3)
  • Creative Arts (3)        
  • Literature (must pass with a C or better) (3)
  • Oral Communication (must pass with a C or better) (3)
  • International Cultures & Structures (EL ED majors take ED401. Integrating Culture in the Classroom as one ICS, if ESL is chosen) (8)
  • Natural Science (one biological & one physical science course, including one lab) (must pass with a C or better) (7-8)
  • Additional Math/Science (3-4)

Flexible Plan of Study

These academic advising worksheet are presented to provide a realistic preview of your coursework. Once you enroll at Millikin, a faculty advisor will guide you through the process of selecting courses that will help you graduate on-time from this program. Each student's academic path is unique and your timeline may look different than others who are enrolled in the program with you.