April 24, 2020 at 9:00am
Dane Lisser

Millikin time-honored tradition recognizes academic excellence

Millikin University's Honors Convocation and Distinguished Faculty Lecture is a time-honored tradition where the University community comes together each April to celebrate academic excellence and Millikin life, inside and outside the classroom.

Normally, Honors Convocation is hosted inside Kirkland Fine Arts Center, but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the University switching to distance learning, Millikin is recognizing the outstanding work of students and faculty from the 2019-20 academic year with a virtual celebration.

"We want to signal Millikin's great pride and all the extraordinary people we honor this year," said Millikin President Dr. Patrick E. White. "We stand together to recognize, which means literally to know again, who we are as Millikin University. As we reveal some of the names of those honored, think about who we are and what we can become. Take a moment to congratulate those whose honors we reveal in this manner and all who are mentioned in the larger program."

Over 80 awards are presented to Millikin students and faculty who are being honored for their commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence. Many of the awards have been created to honor men and women of Millikin's past.

Among the awards is the Scovill Prize, the most coveted recognition of Honors Convocation. Scovill Prize winners are selected on the basis of high academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, service and scholarship. This year, eight students were named Scovill Prize recipients.

"Although we were not able to hold our traditional Honors Convocation this year, we are still hard at work as a university engaging in all of the teaching, learning, scholarship, artistic achievement and service that make this such a remarkable place," said Millikin Provost Dr. Jeffery P. Aper. "Just as actively as we are still pursuing all of those important purposes, we also want to be sure that we again this year publicly recognize winners of some very important awards and honors at Millikin. The Honors Convocation gives us the chance this year, just as it does every year, to honor and applaud some of those who have contributed in particularly remarkable ways over the past year. No matter where you are, we value and recognize your essential part of the Millikin world. We hope that this attention to outstanding performance by other members of that world will remind you of the importance and meaning of the work we do together."

Congratulations to all the honorees.

College of Arts & Sciences           

Behavioral Science Award: Dipti Patel

Henry F. Gromoll Service Award: Chynna Shields

Biology Honors Award: Logan Bader

Dr. Neil Baird Biology Lab Assistant Award: Jillian Jones

Clyde Dennis Award: Rubi Rodriguez-Bobadilla

George & Rick Glasscock Memorial Biology Award: Stephen DeMartini

John & Ula Leighty Research Award: Samuel Billig, Mackenzie Martin and Isabella Newingham

Alpha Epsilon Delta Award: Stephen DeMartini, Rebecca Gorman, Jillian Jones, Olivia Marquardt, Victoria Mineo, Max Phillips and Emily Reeves

American Chemical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry: Greta Jacobson

American Institute of Chemists Award: Matthew Frank

Dr. Ed & Lucy Acheson Award for Excellence in First Year Chemistry: Sydney Griggs, Madeeha Salik and Jerome Wheeler

Dr. & Mrs. William F. Henderson Prize: Blaine Baer, Chloe Herbert, Morgan Powers and Joslynn Smith

Carl & Lucile Weatherbee Chemistry Award: Matthew Frank, Dalton Glasco and Juliana Guaglianone

Carl & Lucile Weatherbee Graduate Studies Award: Blaine Baer, Matthew Frank, Dalton Glasco, Juliana Guaglianone, Morgan Powers and Blaine Traylor

Dr. Clarence and Carol Josefson Award for Excellence in Chemistry: Darius Brent and Precious Dixon

Dr. Everett J. Brown Prize: JaCarla Anderson, Lane Caspar and Jason Messina

Dr. & Mrs. W. J. Darby Prize: Lane Caspar

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Writing Award for Creation : Sydney Sinks

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Writing Award for Interpretation: Johannah Comish

Dr. Grace Patten Conant English Department Award : Erica Mooney

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Society Achievement Award: Rebekah Icenesse, Erica Mooney, Athena Pajer and Sydney Sinks

Marybeth Drechsler Sharp Outstanding Journalism Award: Athena Pajer and Sydney Sinks

Dr. J. Graham Provan History Award: Amber Johnson

Albert T. Mills Prize: Shelby Jones

John E. Vrooman History Prize: Joshua Boliard

Sigrid A. Stottrup History Award: Wyatt Henschen

Mathematics & Computer Science Award: Julia Krull

LaVern J. Meyer, Ph.D. Math Education Award: Morgan Bettner

Linda Weatherbee Mathematics Award: Haley Vemmer

Modern Languages Linguistic Excellence Award: Katelyn Nika

Modern Languages Literary Criticism Award: Marlen Zarate-Zapien

Margaret Burkhardt Johnson Modern Language Excellence Award: Michaela Wolfman

Thomas W. & Mary R. Adney Memorial Award: Lucas Chatterton

T. W. Samuels Award: Emily Cotner and Nicole Scott

Outstanding Political Science Major Award: Jasmin Coronel

Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz Philosophy Award: Korbin Farmer

Rev. Robert S. & Doris Stewart Prize in Religion: Christina Hoving and Johnathen Sumler

Outstanding Physics Award: Justin Craig

College of Fine Arts           

Pi Kappa Lambda Outstanding Senior Award: Leon Lewis-Nicol

Presser Award: Nicholas Orth

Alice Herren Ayars Award: Austin Shaw

Wilna Moffett Award: Leon Lewis-Nicol

Mary B. Merris Award: Heidi Buch and Elizabeth Heisz

Winifred St. Clair Minturn Award: Francis Paredes

Thomas. A. Johnson Memorial Award: Bradley Perry

Dr. Russell Tiede Honors Award: Mikaela Wattleworth

Percussion Achievement Award: Francis Paredes

Dr. Maria Klott Memorial Award: Michael Duling

Handler Award for Excellence, Bachelor of Arts in Music: Emily Cotner

Joan & Melvin Grabowski Memorial Award: Zachary Cary, Annelise Salazar and Katelynn Watkins

Dr. L.C. McNabb Memorial Award: Stacy Coleman, Maya Dougherty, Diana Juarez and Taylor Porter

Michelle Chartier Memorial Award: Mackenzie Barnett, Emily Brandt and Ariya Hawkins

Kathryn Paige Torp Memorial Award: Melanie Wilson and Kayley Woolums

Ron Smith Award in Musical Theatre: Trey DeLuna and Hope Klessig

J. Ben Wand Prize: Abigail Gawart and Tanner Hake

Andrew Strand Memorial Theatre Award: Kathryn Czajkowski and Emily Long

Marvin Klaven Art Award: Brittiny Brubeck and Deanna Russell

David S. Monroe Art Award: Kathryn Bouxsein, Margaret Luckenbill, Erica Reyes and Courtney Schudel

Dorothy Sellers Art Award: Kayla Alpers, Nicole Casler, Shannon Cook, Caitlyn Galloway, Kaitlynn Haskell, Tessa Laslo, Taylor Linville, Molly McCool, Stephanie Oliver, Carrie Thompson and Sydney Wilson

College of Professional Studies              

Barbara and Robert Byrkit Award: Baylee Baxter and Destiny Musick

Dr. Jerald Hunt & Dr. Darlene Hoffman Award for Excellence in Teaching & Learning: Megan Garrison

Jola Kuntz Education Award: Aimee Coverstone

Ray Boehmer Memorial Award for Excellence in Science Education: Jenna Leeper

Smith/Orlandini Award: Nicholas Laramee and Jennifer Miller

Walter Witt Award: Zachary Kingston, Casie Pierce, Callaghan Pohrte and Chloe White

Alpha Tau Delta Honorarium Award: Peyton Kennedy

Decatur Memorial Hospital R.H. Cleland R.N. Award: Olivia Thomson

James Millikin Theory & Practice of Nursing Award: Abbey Riley and Blair Trimble

Dorotha F. Dean Nursing Award: Kami Kingery

Dr. Mary D. Shanks & Dr. Linda K. Niedringhaus Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award: Parita Patel

Tabor School of Business             

Glen R. Smith Award: Mikayla Krieger

Margaret Sparks Award: Kelsey Miller

Linda Weatherbee Human Resouce Management Award: Alyson Armstrong

Paul R. Winn Memorial Achievement Award: Taylor Isaia, Mikayla Krieger, Morgan Timmons and Daniel Tomlinson

Excellence in Management Information Systems Award: Alexander Pratt

University Awards               

Maria Leonard Senior Book Award: Kalli Farmer

JoAnne Trow Award: Greta Jacobson, Madison Roberson and Alexander Shafer

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Illinois Delta Chapter Award of Excellence: Michael Lewellyn and Andrew Tufano

MU Greek Five Star Chapter Award: Delta Delta Delta and Delta Sigma Theta

C.W. Barnes Memorial Award: Kalli Farmer

Major Thomas G. Storey Citizenship Award: Diana Juarez

Dr. Jere C. Mickel Human Relations Award: Leon Lewis-Nicol

Daniel J. & Elinor Gage Student Activities Award: JaCarla Anderson

Helen Moffett Russell Community Service Award: MaKenzie Vinson

Eshelman Family Award: Logan Bader and Mallory Christensen

Dr. Jan Devore Award for Excellence in Contributions to Campus Life: Allen Brown

Dr. J. Roger Miller Leadership Award: Rubi Rodriguez-Bobadilla

Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Teaching Award: Denise Myers, professor of theatre

Teaching Excellence Award: Dr. Anne Matthews, associate professor of English

Research & Artistic Achievement Award: Dr. Laura Zimmerman, assistant professor of biology

Dr. Ralph A. Czerwinski and Dr. Deborah L. Slayton Teaching Excellence & Campus Leadership Award: Mary Black, director of the Millikin School of Theatre & Dance and associate professor of theatre

Scovill Prize                    

Angela Arnold

Maggie Baltz

Zachary Cary

Valeria Chavez-Roncal

Shae Giovanni

Athena Pajer

MacKenzie Parsons

Abbey Riley