April 30, 2021 at 3:15pm
Dane Lisser

Millikin students honored for scholarly work

Millikin University's Celebrations of Scholarship is the culmination of the academic year; an all-day event that puts the outstanding achievements of students from all majors front and center for the entire campus community to witness. It's a forum that recognizes academics and honors personal success. 

Celebrations of Scholarship gives students a day to present a years' worth of research, scholarship and creative efforts to the campus community. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year's Celebrations of Scholarship was held virtually featuring both pre-recorded video and live presentations that highlighted a wide range of student research, scholarship and performance.

The campus-wide event on Friday, April 23, covered all academic backgrounds, from behavioral sciences, fine arts and modern languages, to exercise science and sport, entrepreneurship and nursing.

"The outstanding work of Millikin students continues to shine, even in the midst of limitations due to the pandemic," said Millikin Provost Dr. Jeff Aper. "While it's not the same experience as being personally present to hear students explain their work, answer questions from attentive listeners, or perform, the scope and depth of the work comes through in these digital formats."

In addition to the pre-recorded and live presentations was the annual poster symposium, open to all Millikin students, regardless of major or class rank. The poster symposium provides students with an opportunity to share their scholarly work, and in the process, increase campus and community awareness of the variety of scholarly activities conducted by students and faculty. The symposium is also an excellent means of introducing and encouraging students to explore and participate in research opportunities at Millikin.

Students participating in the poster symposium are eligible for cash awards provided by the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and the Judith & G. Richard Locke Poster Awards.

"Whether it was the Day of Scholarship videos available online from all parts of the university, the virtual Honors Convocation that recognized outstanding achievement, or the virtual Poster Symposium, the clear message again this year is that Millikin students are using Performance Learning opportunities to build their own knowledge and skills while they also contribute to the rich body of understanding, technique and achievement in their respective disciplines. It is truly a wonderful demonstration of the vitality and resilience of the community of learners and doers that is Millikin University," Aper said.

Judges, selected from Millikin retirees, alumni and friends, observe the poster symposium presentations to cast their votes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

As seen every year, Celebrations of Scholarship is an exciting time for Millikin students who are proud to present their work firsthand.

Congratulations to the following award winners of Millikin's Annual Research Poster Symposium.

1st Place

  • Kimmy Christnacht

"Seroprevalence of Plasmodium in Birds of Prey in Central Illinois determined by Microscopic Examination and Elisa"

  • Zephaniah Greenwell

"Synthesis and Structural Analysis of LaGa0.5M0.5O3 Perovskites"

  • Joycelyn VanAntwerp, Madelynn Wood, Albina Letniku, Emily Kemp and Cyla Vos

"Behind The Mask: Individual differences and Mask Protection Beliefs"

2nd Place

  • Saamia Salik

"Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Ba2-xSrxCoTeO6 Compositions"

Honorable Mention

  • Matt Schmidt, Marshall Youngblood, Dylan Bauer, Summer Dick, Divine Inshuti, Charles McLaren-Mustread, Jocelin Pierre, Beth Reeser and Ken Sandoval

"The Mag-Mobile: A Novel Application of Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineering for Fundraising and Recruiting"

  • Ethan Current and Matthew Schmidt

"Voice Controlled Fluid Level Monitor and Maintenance"