October 6, 2021 at 2:45pm
Dane Lisser

"People on campus are devoted to the success of our students."

Millikin University President Dr. Jim Reynolds was a recent guest on NowDecatur's Byers & Co. on Oct. 6 where he shared details regarding the growth of campus, the value of Millikin University to the local community and what has been developing since becoming president. 

"There's a lot of great things happening on campus this academic year. We have a full slate of athletic, visual and performing arts events that we are very excited about," Reynolds said.

Reynolds discussed some of the facility projects on campus including a locker room project for Frank M. Lindsay Field. The new facility will offer Millikin home teams field-level access and is designed to feature 120 lockers with the ability to convert to two 60-locker spaces with a divider.

"The locker room project is really important to us and I think it's an opportunity for us to tell people that we know how to plan things and execute things. We want to make sure that we have this building right and then start to work on the other parts of the athletics facilities that we need," Reynolds said.

In terms of admissions and enrollment, Reynolds believes the University is doing an exceptional job of working with families and helping their children go to college.

"We have generous donors who have given us scholarship money, we have some of our own institutional aid and we have great programs like the Macon Promise initiative where any student from the Macon County area high schools can come to Millikin at a reduced tuition and we will guarantee that tuition for all four years," Reynolds said.

Reynolds added, "We can take a student and in eight semesters we can graduate them. That gives them a leg up on a number of students that graduate from large state institutions where the average term of their time on campus is between five and six years just to receive an undergraduate degree. Millikin is the place where you can really find yourself. Small campuses like ours take an act of interest in our students, and I can say with certainty that people on campus are devoted to the success of our students."

Reynolds also noted the importance of teaching students the importance of integrity, caring for others, and understanding who "you are as an individual."

"That is a big part of what we do inside and outside the classroom," Reynolds said. "We give them [students] a lot of opportunities to learn who they are and to be themselves, and to shape them a little bit so that they recognize they have a role to play in this world, and they need to do it with kindness, integrity and truthfulness."