June 20, 2016 at 10:15am

Millikin Performance Learning: Emily Vana '16

Millikin University graduate Emily Vana '16, from Elmhurst, Ill., will be attending graduate school this fall at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she will be pursuing a master's degree in biology.

Vana was a member of the Millikin Swimming team for all four years and was team captain for two seasons. Vana says she learned time management and developed her communication skills while being a part of the program.

"Being a part of the team and a part of Millikin taught me how to work with others," Vana said. "I've had the opportunity to work closely with our coaches and professors."

Throughout her experiences in the biology department, Vana engaged in several research projects including one on examining antibodies to disease in birds that use feeders. Vana presented a research poster at the 2016 Tri-Beta National Biological Honor Society North Central District 1 Convention held April 2 at North Park University in Chicago.

"When I've applied for graduate schools and jobs I've had many people ask me questions about the opportunities I've had at Millikin," Vana said. "All the research experiences I've had in a short amount of time at Millikin have prepared me for the future."

As far as research goes, Vana says she has developed skill sets that have helped her stand out when applying for graduate school. 

Vana noted, "The great thing about Millikin is that everyone has opportunities to do research."