September 2, 2015 at 10:15am
Kathryn Swift '17

Millikin Involvement Fair

Millikin Involvement Fair

With the academic year beginning, new and traditional events are starting to occur daily across Millikin University's campus. While it is not possible for students to attend everything, many students and even faculty members set time aside to visit Millikin's annual Involvement Fair.

No matter what age or grade a student may be, there is some way they can benefit from this event. Molly Berry, who is the director of Inclusion and Student Engagement at Millikin said, "The reason this fair is held is to give uninvolved students a chance to get involved. For at least nine years it has been a tradition to have the Involvement Fair during the first week of school. This is a great way to get people on campus connected whether they are freshmen or seniors."

Many first-year students struggle at college just finding an effective way to study for their courses and complete assignments. The year can be hectic, and it is easy to see how someone could be completely uninvolved with anything on campus. However, having the Involvement Fair, which showcases approximately 40 different campus organizations, gives those students a new chance every year to find where they connect and contribute to Millikin's community.

Although there are people who struggle with becoming involved on campus, there are also people that come into college knowing they want to be part of as many activities and organizations as possible. The Involvement Fair is the perfect opportunity for those students to find what they are looking for.

Kayce Fuentes who is a sophomore from Homer Glen, Ill., majoring in human services said, "I believe the Involvement Fair is a great way to promote our organizations, and it definitely helps to let freshmen know what we have on campus. I'm part of five organizations on campus, and most of them I joined through the Involvement Fair last fall." The annual fair gives students a chance to connect with peers they may have never spoken to otherwise and maybe even find their home away from home.

Considering how much campus involvement impacts Millikin's community, there are few events more important than the Involvement Fair. This year's fair, held Aug. 25, may have been one of the most successful fairs in the time Molly Berry has worked for the school.

Berry said, "This is the biggest push of the year we see from our organizations, and this is one of the best turnouts I've seen." With such a great turnout for the event this year, it will be intriguing to see how the fair evolves for next year, and what organizations are being showcased.