October 16, 2015 at 1:15pm

Commercial music major lands Millikin-Dennis Lab School Liaison opportunity

Currently in its fourth year, the Millikin University-Dennis Lab School partnership has provided 21st century project-based, real-world learning for Dennis students and has offered increased teacher training opportunities for Millikin education students.

To further build programs, initiatives and experiences with Dennis Lab, Millikin University has launched a Millikin-Dennis Lab School Liaison Internship position, sponsored by the Millikin School of Education and the Millikin Career Center. With many great partnerships forged between the two institutions in recent years, the internship position formalizes how Millikin intentionally connects the local community school to Millikin's campus.

The intern will coordinate and promote service opportunities at Dennis School to the Millikin University community. Opportunities include: Faculty and student participation in the Dennis Lab/Millikin Community Garden, co-curricular activities such as after-school programming and family nights, Millikin campus visit days and programs, and student organization events at Dennis School.

Millikin undergraduate Trevor May, a senior commercial music major from Dundas, Ill., who is studying entrepreneurship in the entertainment/music business was selected for this year's internship.

"Trevor was selected for the internship based on his superior student leadership skills and innovative approach to programming," said Raphaella Prange, dean of student development at Millikin. "Trevor also expressed a high level of enthusiasm for working with the Dennis School children and creating connections between Millikin students and the Dennis students."

Serving as a communication bridge between both institutions, May will develop, plan, execute and distribute a calendar of cooperative events between Dennis School and Millikin University. He will also attend Dennis School Task Force meetings and assess needs for future events and programs.

"I've had a lot of experience working with after-school programming and arts programming which provided me the skill sets for this position," said May. "What drew me to the position was seeing all the different possibilities for collaborations."

To highlight Millikin-Dennis collaborations, May will assist with marketing efforts by recording and developing photographic, video and written materials of successful programs. He will also create a monthly e-newsletter describing the cooperative opportunities designed and implemented.

"We're going to recap and put all of the activities we're doing into video form using YouTube," said May. "It will be more captivating to the students and we will get more people to watch across the board."

May noted, "We want the Millikin campus to be as much of a learning ground as it is at their campus. Learning by mentoring and teaching is one of the biggest things students can do for their own development, and I think this program is crucial to Millikin students."

When asked about the impact of the partnership on Dennis School students, May says, "For students of their age, to get something new in the room is crucial. We're going to have as many Millikin students as possible present at Dennis and show students collaboration processes. Between the two schools, we can impact a large community."