July 18, 2016 at 12:15pm
Dane Lisser

Chemistry students hone research skills at Millikin

Millikin University, in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences and Center for Entrepreneurship, hosted its first annual Chemistry Camp for high school students July 11-15.

As part of the Chemistry Camp experience, high school students participated in a research project that focused on developing a drug delivery system for the human body.

Millikin Chemistry Camp

Throughout the camp, students gained an overview of the research project and learned about collaboration with others from Millikin's Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement. Students also learned college essay and admission criteria, and investigated potential science fairs to attend.

"They're becoming chemists for a week," said Dr. Anne Rammelsberg, Millikin associate professor of chemistry. "The whole idea is that they are involved with science research. The high school students are helping out with an ongoing research project that Millikin students are working on."

Millikin Chemistry Camp

The camp concluded with a complimentary dinner event with local employers, family, faculty and teachers on Friday, July 15. Students presented the results of their work at the event. Twelve students participated in this year's camp.

"Many visionary entrepreneurs and innovators start out as chemists or scientists," said Julie Shields, director of Millikin's Center for Entrepreneurship. "The great thing about science is that you can be an essential part of an existing business or you can launch your own entrepreneurial venture. Camps like this are a great way for youth to start seeing themselves in those roles."

Millikin Chemistry Camp

Dr. Rammelsberg added, "To me the students are starting to think of themselves as entrepreneurs in terms of putting together science fair project ideas. We want them to win scholarships. The students are doing the work and that changes the dynamic significantly; it makes it fun. I hope we're changing lives and I hope they're starting to think of chemistry, math and engineering as a way to build a career they would be happy with."

Among the Millikin students that assisted with the camp included Cherese Hamp, a senior chemistry major from Chicago, Ill., and Mason Jett, a junior biology major from Hoopeston, Ill.

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