December 5, 2016 at 2:15pm
Dane Lisser

Arts Technology Expo

Millikin University hosted its first annual Arts Technology Expo on Dec. 2 in Lower Richards Treat University Center. The event showcased interdisciplinary artwork and technology work created by Millikin students.

Areas of work included digital photography, graphic design, marketing campaign pieces, audio production and videography.

"It's a chance to celebrate the work the Millikin students are doing on campus," said Jessa Wilcoxen, educator of digital media at Millikin. "It's also a chance for students to share their work with the community."

Millikin marketing major Emilee Gerk, a senior from Tinley Park, Ill., was among several students showcasing their marketing campaign creations.

"Our goal was to create a business venture that has a humanitarian aspect," Gerk said. "We had to create the logos and designs, a website and a magazine ad."

Millikin University launched its new Arts Technology major this academic year. The major fosters creative skills and provides hands-on learning experiences in live entertainment technology, audio, video, graphic design, digital photography, animation and web-based digital design and communications.

Students can choose a concentration in one of four areas: Visual Media, Audio Engineering and Production, Live Event Technology and Video Production.

"The Arts Technology major encompasses opportunities to work with clients from the very beginning," Wilcoxen said.