July 24, 2017 at 12:30pm

Millikin professor discusses special education teaching opportunities

More than a dozen special education positions are available in Macon and Piatt Counties in central Illinois. Special education positions requires specific skills and it's becoming difficult to find qualified candidates with proper training.

Denise LoveSeveral universities are offering certifications to meet the growing need of special education positions. Among those universities is Millikin University.

In a recent interview with WCIA-TV, Dr. Denise Love, assistant professor of education at Millikin, said, "For a child with challenges, in order for them to reach their potential, they really need advocates – parents and special education teachers who are working with the students very intensively."

Millikin University's School of Education offers a Special Education Certificate program where students learn about the characteristics common to 13 different types of disabilities, the psychological and practical impact that having a disability has on an individual and their family, and the most effective strategies for working with individuals with disabilities. 

Coursework for the Special Education Certificate program is designed to provide students with a depth of knowledge and understanding of disabilities that is complemented by fieldwork that provides students with the opportunity for first-hand experience to apply that newfound knowledge. For more information about the program, visit millikin.edu/ed-certificates.

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