September 29, 2022 at 4:45pm
Kendall Trump, Class of 2013

MBA Spotlight: Tony Holly, MBA ‘09

Prior to earning his MBA at Millikin University in 2009, Tony Holly was unhappy with his day-to-day job role and career trajectory. He aimed to become a leader in the non-profit sector, and while he was confident in his ability to lead, Holly needed additional training to accomplish his goals. Millikin’s MBA program offered exactly the lessons he needed to grow in his career. “I chose Millikin based on its reputation as a top-tier business college,” he said.

“For me, being a Millikin graduate showcased that I earned a specialized degree from a respected institution.”

Holly’s experiences throughout the program shaped his approach to leadership entirely. “Instead of a hierarchical approach, my style is a collaboration model, which allows more buy-in and productivity on the teams that I lead.” Given his role as a leader and decision-maker, the MBA program’s lessons about managing different types of groups was crucial.

“In the non-profit field there is a lot of interaction with volunteers, so my professional success relies heavily on working with them to accomplish the organization’s goals,” he said, describing the importance of having learned to build and lead teams effectively. 

In addition to the valuable career skills he gained, earning his MBA allowed Holly the opportunity to grow outside of the workplace and get involved with projects and causes in which he’s passionate. “I’ve been fortunate to develop and implement my own projects, which have been recognized for their contributions.

"Professionally, I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, and I’m excited for the challenges that lie ahead.”