July 13, 2022 at 12:30pm

Dear Millikin alumni and friends: 


As I write this letter, we are well into the countdown toward the end of the academic year. This is a time for celebrations and gatherings to note the accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff over the course of the past two semesters. The work and accomplishments of every one of our campus constituents continues to inspire me and offer me a chance to reflect on just how important Millikin is to their success.


In this edition of Millikin Magazine, you will see stories and columns that highlight our global reach as a University. Each year, Millikin is proud to welcome approximately 15% of our student body from countries of origin across the world. These students come from many different cultures and offer insight into our common humanity. 


Regardless of their native language or cultural heritage, we see ourselves within them and their experiences. Sometimes they are anxious about what the future holds. Other times, they are looking for ways to connect with others, desiring a sense of belonging. Millikin provides a safe harbor for many of these students as we fully appreciate their willingness to share their worldview and to collaborate to find our collective strength in a diverse world while serving as role models for diplomacy. Our campus is better because of their spirit and contributions.


Millikin is also fortunate to be part of several higher education consortiums that support study abroad experiences for our student body. Every year, several of our students take the opportunity to find a temporary home at a university outside of the United States where they not only study but immerse themselves in different cultures and begin to understand the qualities they share with the people they meet and learn alongside.


As you read this edition of Millikin Magazine, it is my hope that you are impacted by the stories of success, which span the gamut from student experiences to faculty scholarship, and realize that our University continues to offer an unparalleled experience for those who have chosen to be part of it. Our future continues to be one where we accept that the world grows smaller because of our efforts to interconnect and search for ways to take advantage of our diverse and distinct campus.


As always, I’m grateful for the support you have provided to Millikin during the past year and look forward to building on that support in the future.


With respect for you all,



Jim Reynolds, President