University Commons

This opportunity will showcase leadership knowledge and skills gained through student experiences across disciplines, roles, and opportunities in the life of Millikin. All members of the community are welcome to drop in any of the sessions offered.

An RSVP is required to attend the Keynote Address and luncheon. Please send an email to mduesterhaus@millikin.edu by Friday, March 16th if you plan to attend the keynote address and luncheon.

8:00 a.m. – Welcome table in the lobby with programs of the day and room assignments

9:00 a.m. – Session I

Location: University Commons, Room 140 
Title: Lessons Learned from the Lens of Women Leaders
Finding footing and voice as a female leader can be a challenge for students. Five women will share stories about lessons learned, and experiences of finding the power in their leadership voices. 

Location: University Commons, Room 138
Title: Leadership Comes in Many Styles!
Leadership Scholars will share some of their experiences in the new Oberhelman Leadership Program and will facilitate a couple assessments that can help you know more about your leadership style! 

Location: University Commons, Center from International Education
Title: Activating Entrepreneurial Leadership through Agile Management
Great ideas are everywhere on our entrepreneurial campus, but when an idea is particularly complex and multiple students are involved, how do you implement it?  How do students hold each other accountable and not have drama?  Art, Science and Business Students in the Center for Entrepreneurship have incorporated Agile techniques to unlock these mysteries.

10:00 a.m. – Session II

Location: University Commons, Room 138
Title: Navigating the Tightrope of Values Congruency and a Greek Leader
Being a member of a Fraternity or Sorority poses many challenges, especially when serving in a leadership role that tugs between peer accountability and values congruency. Four students will explain how they walked the tightrope and the important leadership lessons they learned along the way.

Location: University Commons, Center for International Education
Title: Creating a Globally Inclusive Campus through the International Fellows Program
Did you know that you could have an intercultural exchange without additional fees or expenses? Come hear more about the International Fellows Program and how it has expanded students’ global understanding and opportunities closer to home.

Location; University Commons, Room 140
Title: Deepening Understanding of Social Justice and Empowerment: Lessons from the Long-Vanderberg Scholars Program 
Students believe in social justice, but what does that really mean? The Long-Vanderberg Scholars Program offers experiences for greater understanding that impact student engagement on campus, and in the community. Come hear how the curriculum and experiences empower students through this journey of discovery.

11:00 a.m. – Session III

Location: University Commons, Room 138
Title: The Development of Leadership Skills: A Look At How Multiple Internship Experiences Facilitate The Development of Tomorrow's Leaders in Education
Education students will share how they are developing a variety of leadership skills through the many experiences interning in local schools and within the community. Students will share experiences that have challenged them to learn and grow, and what they will take into their lives and careers.

Location: University Commons, Room 140
Title: Health Advocacy from the Front Lines
The health system and associated issues are a concern of almost everyone. Throughout six semesters of practicums, nursing students discover opportunities to learn advocacy by listening to patients’ experiences and stories.

Location: University Commons, Center International Education
Title: “Wearing the Blue” Generates Pride for Millikin Athletes, but Managing Stereotypes About Athletes Offers Lots of Opportunities for Learning
Athletes will talk about balancing being college athletes and becoming successful students. The athletes will share how they challenge stereotypes of “dumb jocks”, work to generate pride for Millikin, and how they learn to hold fellow athletes to a higher standard. The students share the good and tough learning experiences they have had as college athletes.


An RSVP is required to attend the Keynote Address and luncheon. Please send an email to mduesterhaus@millikin.edu by Friday, March 16th if you plan to attend the keynote address and luncheon.

Karla Miller
Director of Marketing & Communication
Hickory Point Bank

Keynote: "The Power Within...Lessons in Leadership Taught by a Little Girl from Kansas"

Karla Miller is the director of marketing & communications at Hickory Point Bank, where she oversees the bank’s advertising, public relations, communications and marketing activities.

Prior to working at Hickory Point Bank, she served as Director of Advancement at St. Teresa High School where she marketed and fundraised for the school.

Karla has past experience working for Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) in communications and advertising and served as Vice President of Public Relations and as the company spokesperson. While at ADM, she founded the company’s first women’s networking affinity group, ADM WIN (Women’s Initiative Network) to provide young women with professional development and mentoring opportunities.

In 2007, she founded the Rodney T. Miller Lakeside Triathlon, a nonprofit annual triathlon event for adult and children that commemorated the life and spirit of her late husband. She chaired the event for 10 years and raised over $80,000 for area children’s sports activities and programs.

She is a Millikin University graduate, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and was president of her Tri Delta sorority. 

She currently serves on the boards of the Community Foundation of Macon County, and The Friends of Macon County Child 1st Advocacy Center.

Of all her accomplishments and achievements, Karla is most fulfilled and happiest in her role as mother to Daley and Zach.

2:00 p.m. – Session IV

Location: University Common, Room 138
Title: Student-Run Ventures: You Win Some and You Lose Some!
Student-run ventures provide students from a variety of disciplines with very real business experiences within a learning laboratory. How challenges and opportunities are discovered through running these businesses, the skills developed, and confidence Gained will be at the center of this session.

Location: University Common, Center for International Center
Title: #Milliventures and the Art of Articulating International Experiences for the Workforce
Learn from the experiences of alums and recent Milli-travelers. Hear how they used their knowledge and experience to move into the workforce. Hear how international experiences translate into careers! Students and alums will share experiences they have had that shape how they now see the world, and how these experiences lead to international career options.

Location: University Commons, Room 140
Title: Professional Preparation and Personal Growth through Para-Professional Experiences
Come hear from a group of graduating para-professionals. The role of para-professionals at Millikin provides students with very real work experiences these students could not have anticipated. A group of senior para-professional staff will focus on how they have used their para-professional experience for life after Millikin.

3:00 p.m. – Session V

Location: University Commons, Room 138
Leadership Comes in Many Styles! – The Leadership Scholars will share some of their experiences in the new Oberhelman Leadership Program and will facilitate a couple assessments that can help you know more about your leadership style!

Location: Center for International Education
I’m a New Para Pro: What’s Does That Mean? – Hear from para-professionals about the demands of the position, and how best to prepare for these types of jobs. Learn about leading among your peers, lessons learned, and skills developed along the way.

Location: University Commons, Room 140
Really, We Have Money to Create Events? Programming Victories (and Failures) – Student organizations have allocated resources to create opportunities for student events. A few student leaders will share what they have learned about event planning through successful and not-so-successful events. How do you try to reach as many people as possible? How do you decide what to do, and when to do it?

Event Date

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 8:00am to 4:00pm