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Millikin Academic Interdisciplinary Conference (MAIC)

March 23, 2018

Keynote address and lunch at 12:30: University Commons

The Millikin Academic Interdisciplinary Conference (MAIC) committee invites submissions for its 8th annual event, to be held March 23, 2018. This conference affords participants the opportunity to showcase their creative and scholarly projects. Presenters are invited to share their artistic and scholarly projects in a format that best fits their work and discipline. Millikin faculty do amazing things outside of the classroom, and this conference celebrates those initiatives.

Conference possibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Presenting a sabbatical project
  • Reading from a translated text
  • Sharing a recent conference presentation
  • Reading from a published chapter/poem/play
  • Showcasing a recent performance/art exhibition
  • Discussing innovative teaching approaches
  • Sharing collaborative projects across disciplines
  • Presenting awarded projects for professorships (recent or in progress)
  • Demonstrating scientific experiments
  • Introducing Coleman Foundation Faculty Fellows initiatives
  • Exhibiting SURF program grants

Suggested proposal formats

  • Round table discussions with moderator
  • Debate
  • Dramatic reading
  • Teaching presentations/Demonstrations
  • Performance/Reenactment
  • Panel presentations
  • Individual papers
  • Collaborative presentations

Proposals should be sent to Dr. Mirela Tanta (mtanta@millikin.edu) and should consist of a title, a 250-word description, and a short biography. If you are proposing a round table discussion, please specify the names of participants and the name of the moderator. The time allowance for all presentations is 20 or 40 minutes. The presenter(s) need to indicate a 20 or 40 min. format for their proposed presentation.

The deadline for submissions is: January 31, 2018.

Let's make it an unforgettable conference this year!

The MAIC committee includes Dr. Joyce Bezdicek, Dr. Mirela Tanta, Ms. Molly Berry, Dr. Joel Blanco


Dr. Joyce Bezdicek Dr. Mirela Tanta berry-molly Joe Blanco
Dr. Joyce Bezdicek Dr. Mirela Tanta Molly Berry Dr. Joel Blanco

Event Date

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 12:30pm