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Millikin University communications graduate Jannic Nielssen '12 has taken marketing to a new level in terms of job hunting. Nielssen recently launched an interactive social media resume in April 2013 titled "KickJannic" that was inspired by Kickstarter, an online platform for creative projects. The goal of the project was to connect, network, and share his resume in an innovative way with potential employers.

This creative technique of promotion helped Nielssen land a position in New York City with Thrillist Media Group in May 2013. Nielssen not only turned to social media to create this opportunity, but hopes that it changes the way resumes are viewed and approached.

"I came up with the idea after seeing so many others take the out of the box route to their job hunt with great success, for example the Amazon resume," said Nielssen. "I chose Kickstarter as my basis because it served as an excellent metaphor for what I was in need of."

Visitors on Nielssen's website, www.kickjannic.com, could both watch and read about his professional experiences. A video at the top of the page highlights his skills and the strengths he would bring to a future employer. Already achieving a strong social media presence, Nielssen's online resume described additional details such as a high Klout score and SEO rankings for his personal brand, accumulating over nine million YouTube views through his original video creations, having a strong resume of social media efforts, and his experiences in event planning and advertising for collegiate events and professional internships.

A dual citizen of Jamaica and Norway, Nielssen's goal was to receive a job offer by May 1 or he would have left the United States.

"Kickstarter is about expressing a product, in my case me to the public, in which they decide if they want to support, but in my case, monetary funding would not make sense so I transformed the idea to social shares," said Nielssen. "This way I would get my resume into the sights of more people, eventually employers, through the vast social connections of people who share, similar to word of mouth marketing but on a digital level." 

Nielssen is currently a marketing coordinator at Thrillist Media Group, a digital media company consisting of leading men's digital lifestyle publication www.Thrillist.com, members-only shopping club www.Jackthreads.com, and fashion, music and culture publication www.TheCrosbyPress.com. The three brands collectively reach over 5 million daily subscriptions, targeting a young, urban, male demographic locally and nationally, online and offline, through content and commerce. Nielssen began his position at Thrillist Media Group on June 3.

"I had a great introductory week, including a tour of the eclectic office and absorbing as much information I could about Thrillist Media Group," said Nielssen. "I can't wait to see what this venture has in store for me."

When asked about the future of interactive social media resumes Nielssen added, "If your career path calls for creativity or you can showcase yourself and your work, I say that it can't hurt. Most companies these days are so flooded with paper resumes that social resumes provide them with a breath of fresh air."
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Press Releases

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL