The Wolves

Thu., February 28, 2019, 7:30pm to Sun., March 3, 2019, 2:00pm

From the safety of their suburban stretch circle, a girls indoor soccer team navigates big questions and wages tiny battles with all the vim and vigor of a pack of adolescent warriors. A portrait of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for nine American girls who just want to score some goals. Finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

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Chelsea sunrise

Fri., March 22, 2019, 7:30pm to Sun., March 24, 2019, 2:00pm

Dusty is a Toronto kid who loves the music of the 1960’s British Invasion – so much so that he models himself and his band after it. But his dreams of stardom are tested by the real world as he is forced to confront his ideas of love, loyalty, and authenticity in this exciting new musical.

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The Hair

Thu., April 11, 2019, 7:30pm to Sun., April 14, 2019, 2:00pm

In the shadow of the Vietnam War, a group of young hippies challenge the government’s role in drafting their friend into service while exploring their right to live in a world of peace, joy, and free love. Will burning a draft card ease the rage of a generation questioning their government’s ethical role in shaping the world? This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

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World Premiere Play

Thu., May 9, 2019, 7:30pm to Sat., May 11, 2019, 7:30pm

A World Premiere Play
(Title Yet to Be Determined)

The School of Theatre and Dance turns the tables on the traditional process of producing plays by casting a show before it is written. In collaboration with playwright Paul Shoulberg, this world premiere work will be written to feature the unique qualities of the cast and currently relevant themes.

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