Division of Finance and Business Affairs

Job Description


Position Title: Database Analyst

Department: Information Technology

FLSA: Staff Exempt


Working Relationships:    

  • Reports to: Senior Systems Analyst/Team Leader
  • Works Closely with: Database Analysts, Database Administrators, Department Management, and staff
  • Directly Supervises: None


Job Summary: This position is responsible for providing support for the administrative system and the CRM systems for designated areas of the University.


Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Provide customer support for modules in the Administrative system in a timely manner
  2. Write and apply database scripts and reports to fulfill user requests
  3. Provide customer support for the CRM in a timely manner
  4. Ensure and continually verify data integrity and correct any data issues
  5. Assist in the preparation of application systems project plans and schedules, relative to database-related design, development, implementation, and support
  6. Test all developed reports and processes for accuracy prior to implementation
  7. Assist in monitoring the direction and growth of business to ensure the application of appropriate technologies and support systems
  8. Understand university business processes in order to suggest improvement
  9. Prepare project, plans, and schedules for significant database-related implementation and support efforts
  10. Implement and uphold controls for unreasonable change requests to ensure data integrity
  11. Evaluate database management systems and related tool sets
  12. Monitor assigned organization operational and development projects to ensure consistency and satisfaction of database infrastructure
  13. Communicate regularly with and assist system administrators to provide a compatible and usable database environment, in order to ensure the database security and availability
  14. Monitor and track application system development progress in order to provide and/or recommend the appropriate application of database resources and/or technology in order to meet development
  15. Document all projects, requests and development including steps taken, solutions, process, timeframe and involved parties.


Other Duties:

  1. Other duties as assigned by the supervisor
  2. Maintain and improve database skills through self-study, seminars, and workshops


Minimum Position Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related area
  • At least two to four years of experience preferred 
  • Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures in maintaining an intricate RDBMs, a certain degree of creativity and latitude is required
  • Good communication and teamwork skills 


Work Environment:

Manual Dexterity:

  • Able to use standard keyboard

Physical Effort:

  • Minimal

Working Conditions:

  • Typical working conditions found in most administrative work areas.
  • Scheduling flexibility is required to accommodate changing business needs.


Hazards: None

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