Making the Most of Your Time in the U.S.

My visa/passport is set to expire, what should I do?
You can remain in the United States on an expired entry visa, as the entry visa is only required to enter the country. However, if you want to travel outside of the United States and return, you will need to apply for a new visa at U.S. consulate/embassy in your home country. New passports can be obtained through your home country government. You may remain in the U.S. and continue with your program as long as you are maintaining status here. The entry visa does not determine your length of stay in the U.S.

I would like to travel back to my home country during the break. What materials will I need to come back into the United States?
You will need an I-20/DS-2019 with a travel signature dated within one year of your travel, your passport, valid visa. When you leave the U.S., you will need to surrender your I-94 card. You will receive a new one at the Port of Entry when you return.

I want to travel to another country. What should I do?
You will need to make sure you check visa requirements to enter that country. You can do this by looking on the website of the consulate or embassy of that country.

My visa is expired and I want to travel to Canada. Do I need to get a new visa?
Students with an expired U.S. entry visa may travel to Canada, Mexico and some of the Caribbean Islands, with some restrictions. This is known as Automatic Revalidation. Students must have a multiple entry visa and the trip must be 30 days or less. For further information about automatic revalidation, please visit the appropriate page.

I would like to travel while on OPT, what do I need?
You will need an I-20 with a travel signature dated within six months of your travel, your passport, valid U.S. entry visa, EAD card and job offer letter. If you have not yet received your EAD card, a job offer letter and your Notice of Action from USCIS are highly encouraged.

I would like to travel within the United States after my graduation, can I do this?
If you are an F-1 student, you must leave the United States within 60 days of your program end date. If you are on a J-1 visa, your grace period is 30 days. You may travel within the U.S. during your grace period.

If you have any other questions, please contact the CIE at 217.424.3758.