Creating Pathways from Science Student to Science Career

Many natural and health science students are preparing for jobs that currently do not exist. Two-thirds of non-MD health professionals will be self-employed.  Experience in the areas of entrepreneurship and venture creation will help prepare science students for the competitive 21st century workforce.

Science Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Science Entrepreneurship (ISE) leads the infusion of entrepreneurship education into the science curriculum, performs faculty-managed, student-performed projects for external clients, and promotes science entrepreneurship to the surrounding community.

The ISE has three goals:

1) Serve as a training center for students in the natural and health sciences to develop the skills needed to create science ventures. Skills are reinforced through two courses in science entrepreneurship and the ISE-led Clinical Nuclear Science Initiative.

2) Provide opportunities for students and faculty to conduct research, create and upgrade products, and provide other services for external clients. Projects have ranged from how cryogenic technology can improve wind turbine gearbox bearings to performing research for the wild bird feeding industry.

3) Promote science entrepreneurship to the larger community.  The Institute for Science Entrepreneurship Speaker Series focuses on science entrepreneurship and how increased emphasis on entrepreneurship can fuel job creation and societal well-being.

For more information about the Institute for Science Entrepreneurship, contact Dr. David Horn at 217-424-6392 or via e-mail at

institute for science entrepreneurship speaker seriesinstitute for science entrepreneurship speaker seriesinstitute for science entrepreneurship speaker series