The purpose of the Human Service certificate is to provide foundational skills necessary for entry level professionals to deliver essential services to individuals experiencing barriers related to mental health, substance use, poverty, etc. Within Macon County, multiple agencies indicate that if the Human Service certificate is available, they would enroll their staff at their cost as a means of enhancing their services. In addition, some agency grants require a certificate level of competency, and this Human Services certificate would fulfill that need. Focus on a Human Service certificate verses a Human Service minor allows for community people to obtain the certificate without completing a degree program.

The human service field continues to grow, and the job market demands educated and skilled entry level professionals. The Human Service certificate makes it easier for both traditional and flexible learning students to complete some of the key courses necessary to be successful in the field. Students who complete a Human Service certificate will be able to identify and understand the foundation of the profession and be prepared to work in social service agencies in entry level positions. While obtaining the certificate, students will engage in performance learning activities as an integral part of their certification.

In addition, current Millikin students are likely to view this certificate as means to enhance or supplement their program of study. Many areas of study at Millikin are service oriented, and basic skills in human services could be invaluable.


Program learning outcome goals

1. Identify and understand the primary function of the human service/social service field and gain foundational knowledge of working within the micro, mezzo, and macro systems of human services.

2. Use ethical reasoning to critically evaluate the actions and behaviors of agencies and staff to ensure ethical and socially responsible work, while gaining understanding of the high ethical standards necessary within the profession.

3. Engage in performance learning activities geared toward a critical examination of social service programming, including on-site visits, meetings with field professionals, and classroom assignments requiring a self-directed project utilizing contemporary theory, scholarship, and research from the human service profession.


Course requirements

The certificate requires completion of the following 15 credit hours.

· HM 214 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare (3 credits)

· HM 215 Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3 credits)

· HM 370 Intervention with Individuals (3 credits)

· HM 371 Intervention with groups and families (3 credits)

· HM 470 Understanding Public, Profession and Personal Ethics (3 credits)

A grade of C- or better is required in all courses to obtain the academic certificate.


Enrollment Guidelines

The Human Service certificate is a stand-alone program of focused study as a part of the Human Service major. The certificate is intended to provide a foundational set of courses emphasizing theory and practice in human services. This program is available to traditional or flexible learning students who are pursuing any major at Millikin. Part-time non-degree seeking students or community members may complete this program as well (and may have an academic degree including high school diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate degree in any field except Human Services). Students will be able to complete the required coursework within 2-5 semesters and can do so over consecutive semesters or have up to 5 years to complete the certificate. Minimum requirement for admission is a high school diploma or an equivalent.

The certificate is obtained by completing five courses from the Human Service major. Courses may be offered in various formats (online, hybrid, and traditional semester). Students who have completed the Human Service certificate may choose to pursue the Human Service major or other majors at Millikin University. For more information about the Human Service certificate at Millikin University, contact Professor Mary Garrison via email ( or by phone at 217-424-5074.