Counseling Services

The Student Mental and Behavioral Health (SMBH) office remains fully committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of our campus community as we continue to navigate this global pandemic together.  We are so proud of our campus and everything our students have done to stay safe and be successful.  

Counseling appointments: In following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendation of social distancing, SMBH has made the decision to halt in-person individual counseling appointments and move to telehealth clinical care at this time.  All counseling appointments for eligible students at this time are via phone or video. 

Psychiatric appointments: Millikin students have the ability to meet with a psychiatrist through SIU Medicine on Friday's from 12pm - 4pm.  These appointments are currently via telemedicine (i.e., video) and are billed through a student's insurance or Medicaid.  To schedule an appointment with the psychiatrist please email to get set up with a referral. 

Current students residing in Illinois that would like to engage in telehealth counseling with our office can call 217-425-4663 to set up an appointment or email   If no one is available to answer your call, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call as soon as we can. 

Any current student residing outside of Illinois can still reach out to the SMBH office for support and consultation.

We are happy to talk with any current student about what options are available through our office and other community providers wherever you are.  

If you are experiencing a crisis near campus please call public safety at 217-464-8888 and ask to be connected to the on-call staff member on duty.

For emergencies, please call 911. 

If students feel sick, or have been in contact with someone potentially exposed to COVID-19, call our DMH-Millikin Health Clinic at 217-424-6360.  Please call ahead before coming to the clinic.

Faculty & Staff:

  • If there are students it would be helpful for our office to reach out to please let us know.
  • Our office is open for consultation with faculty/ staff regarding helping students cope with this unique experience. 

Information on Ways to Positively Cope at this moment in time:

*Counseling services are free of charge to Millikin students

Questions? Feel free to contact Chris for more information.  


Mental Health Screeners

If you are interested in taking a mental health screening online you can find resources for this at:

These screeners are provided by the group Mental Health America. After taking a screening, the site will provide you ideas for further resources and follow-up. If you would like to discuss your results with a counselor at Millikin feel free to set up an appointment. You can set up an appointment with us by calling 217-425-4663.  


Community Providers

At times, students can find benefit from connecting with community providers outside of Millikin. The Student Mental and Behavioral Health office can assist students in finding out what additional community supports are available for them to utilize.  Feel free to make an appointment with our office to discuss what else the greater Decatur community area can provide.