Tips for Successful Online Learning

Some advice from Millikin’s Educational Technology Department


  • Check your MU email and Moodle daily.
  • Try to maintain a regular schedule. If you can maintain the same schedule you had while you were on campus, great. If you need to make some changes, that’s OK too, but do take the time to set a regular schedule.
    • Remember that there will still be homework, papers and projects to work on outside of class, and to set time aside for them as well. 
    • Don’t expect to do everything for a class in one sitting, once per week. Plan on spreading your work throughout the week in manageable chunks and leave extra time for asking questions.
  • Online classes require more self-discipline than face-to-face classes. Time management is key to being successful.
    • We suggest using your Outlook Calendar to keep track of everything.
  • Work in a space where you can feel comfortable and focused. Avoid lots of distracting background noise. 
  • Be prepared to spend a lot of time reading and writing (both discussion posts and papers/projects) independently.
    • Consider pairing up with a friend as an accountability buddy. Text or email one another frequently to check in. 
  • Communicate with your professors and advisor. We all understand that a lot of this is new and overwhelming, and that you may be feeling stressed or anxious. If something about your class is confusing or unclear, ask the professor – remember, if you have a question, someone else probably does, too.