Pursuant to new Cabinet Policy approved in June 2020, overnight or extended travel to areas identified as COVID-19 “hot spots” trigger some restrictions and testing requirements for employees and students. Millikin University has decided to review data available on the CDC and John Hopkins-Coronavirus Resource Center to determine state hot spots. As of September 2020, the primary marker for determining a hot spot for the purpose of this policy is any state showing a 14 day rolling average test positivity rate of more than 12%. For reference, the nationwide positivity average is currently 3.1%. Some statistical discretion may be used in this methodology if a lack of data or other corrupting factor is noted.

As of May 12, 2021, the following states meet the Millikin University definition as a hot spot and are subject to the restrictions listed in the new Cabinet policy:

  • Idaho
  • Iowa

This data will be reviewed and update every Wednesday during the duration of this COVID-19 crisis.