Though the pandemic has challenged and changed our environments and behaviors in many ways, please remember: we are all in this together. Millikin is committed to you and to the fight against COVID-19. We will remain in contact with you as we refine and update these guidelines in response to changes in the COVID-19 conditions in our community, state and nation. All students are expected to fully comply with the policies and guidelines set forth in the Campus Safety Plan.

2021-22 Campus Safety Plan for Students

View the Campus Safety Plan for Students here.


Campus Update 1-10-22 from Raphaella Prange on Vimeo.


Partnership with SHIELD Illinois:

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Travel Reporting Form can be found here.

Academic Accommodations

Students who are high-risk for COVID-19 or have other learning needs due to COVID-19 should be encouraged to contact Carrie Pierson, Senior Director for Center for Academic & Professional Performance, at or 217.424.3999, if they need accommodations. 

Academic Calendar

The full academic calendar for 2021-2022 can be viewed here.

Academic & Classroom Guidance

The first week of Spring 2022 courses will be held online. Instruction after the first week of the semester is planned to return to in-person delivery. All learning experiences (i.e., internships, practicums, clinical, student teaching, performance-related courses) will be managed by the overseeing faculty member. Please reach out to the faculty advisor or chair for specific questions.

  • - Classrooms will be used at full capacity with seat spacing of three feet to assist with social distancing. Students and faculty will abide by stated maximum room occupancy signage posted on the entrance to each classroom.
  • - Unusable seats will be identified with signage stating the seat is closed.
  • - While in the classroom, students and faculty are required to wear a face covering at all times.
  • - Students and faculty are required to maintain at least three feet of social distance from one another at all times. 
  • - Faculty reserve the right to ask non-compliant students to leave the classroom at any time. Non-compliance will be reported to the appropriate department chair, director or dean.

Engagement & Attendance Policy

Students will not be penalized for missing a face-to-face class due to symptomatic illness or following a quarantine order, but they are still required to complete all assigned work. Students may be assigned additional work to engage with course material missed during absence from class. Students should feel comfortable contacting their faculty members with any questions or concerns.



Visit the Millikin University athletics website for information on athletic events.

In-Person Events

Millikin University is following guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding face masks or coverings and social distancing measures. For in-person events on campus, some spaces will have decreased capacities to assist with social distancing and compliance with IDPH/Macon County Health Department (MCHD) guidelines. Participants will be expected to follow university social distancing and mask requirements while participating in events on campus.

Individuals interesting in scheduling an indoor event should email Student organizations should continue to request event approval through the current online form. We will also be encouraging outdoor events, whenever possible. Outdoor events provide a safer and less restrictive environment. A higher participant limit will be available for outdoor events, and in certain circumstances, we will permit unmasked outdoor gatherings. Outdoor events must be formally requested and approved as well, following all established guidelines.


While it is difficult to maintain full physical distancing in on-campus housing, and even modified guidelines may be difficult to achieve, considerations to decrease the risk for exposure within traditional residence halls, campus apartments/suites, campus fraternity/sorority houses and other on-campus housing arrangements must be implemented. Millikin University will follow best practices as outlined by the American College Health Association, Association of College and University Housing Officers-International, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Macon County Health Department (MCHD). Additional expectations regarding housing can be found in Millikin’s Everything You Need to Know About Living On Campus brochure at

First-Year Residence Halls

We will return to our standard double occupancy housing model in the fall 2021 semester. Students may seek housing exceptions, such as medical accommodations, through our established processes.

Residential Operations

Outside guests will be permitted in the residential units, and roommate changes will be permitted to support health and wellness. Face coverings should be worn by all residents and guests in public spaces, including hallways. All residents must abide by social distancing guidelines and monitor their temperatures daily.

Enhanced cleaning, according to the CDC guidelines, will continue in all common areas and high-touch surfaces, with a focus on restrooms. COVID-19 prevention information will be posted prominently in common areas.

In the event of a residential student becoming a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case, temporary isolation spaces on campus will be utilized. If necessary, these spaces may also be utilized to assist with a campus quarantine of an asymptomatic contact of a confirmed case.  

Residence Hall Staffing

Health and safety programming will be the main focus of co- curricular education, and all other programming will be facilitated through digital/virtual programming. Training on public health measures and signs/symptoms of COVID-19 will be provided for all live-in para-professionals and campus life personnel. No in-person program will be planned for more than ten individuals until such time restrictions are clearly lifted.

Upperclass Housing Options

Fraternity and sorority chapters will offer an operation with single occupancy housing. Dormers will be used in Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta and Pi Beta Phi with modifications. The Woods at Millikin apartments are already low-density spaces with individual sleeping rooms and only two students per restroom. Continued attention will be paid to monitoring student health across the complex, responding to symptomatic students and cleaning of common spaces.

Financial Assistance

We have several resources available to assist with the needs associated with financial disruption:

Public Safety

Safe Rides and Safe Walks

  • - Public Safety will attempt to provide more Safe Walks instead of Safe Rides in the enclosed van which will provide better social distancing options
  • - Safe Rides will be offered with occupancy restrictions of two passengers
  • - Face masks must be worn by all passengers and drivers
  • - Vehicles will be properly ventilated

Lock outs/Re-Cores

  • - Service will be provided with no signature or contact required

Alarm/Crisis Response

  • - Upon arrival Millikin Public Safety personnel will wear masks when approaching or entering a building or scene
  • - Additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be worn as required