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Philosophy of Conduct Process 
Millikin University is a community of learners brought together to seek, share, and expand knowledge. The work of the community requires an environment of openness, trust, and civility. The Standards of Conduct described in this section are designed to help ensure such an environment exists within the Millikin Community. The policies described set forth the University's expectations for student and group (group of students, organization, or team) behavior and details conduct that is unacceptable and subject to student conduct action.

The University Student Conduct System does not attempt to replicate or mimic the criminal justice system. Our system is based on the expectations we hold for student behavior. Our standard of proof for determining the occurrence of student misconduct is less than that required in criminal court proceedings. Specifically, if is it determined that more likely than not a violation of the standards has been committed, then the University reserves the right to enact the Student Conduct Process. Our goal is to educate students about the impact their behavior has upon the community and its members and to help them develop and practice acceptable behaviors and good citizenship in addition to repairing any harm established.

The Board of Trustees delegated the responsibility for student conduct within the community to the President of the University. The Dean of Student Development is the University's senior student affairs officer and is the administrative officer to whom student conduct responsibility is delegated by the President. The Dean of Student Development has overall responsibility and authority to supervise the student conduct process at Millikin University, including overseeing the continued evaluation of both the process and procedures and the training of appropriate boards and personnel.

Questions about the University Student Conduct System and proceedings should be directed to the Dean of Student Development (or designee) (Shilling 205) who serves as the University's chief student conduct officer.

The offenses defined, under Section II of Standards of Conduct, are misconduct for which students may be subject to reparations, outcomes, and formal adjudication, including suspension or expulsion from the University.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL