Miss Rachel Munyembabazi


Lab Technician

Chemistry (Business Emphasis)

African Student Organization

July 11, 2019 1:07 PM

Millikin Graduate begins Career at Archer Daniels Midland

Meet Rachel Munyembabazi, she graduated with a degree in Chemistry with a business emphasis and served as an executive board member of the African Student Organization. Currently, she is getting ready for graduate school. In the mean time, she is working at ADM in the QC Corn Lab as a lab technician. She went to a small school in the eastern part of the Republic Democratic of the Congo called Ujasiri Institute this is where she graduated high school. She also attended Indiana University for her freshman year in Southbend, IN. 


Shortly after, she transfered to Millikin for her final years of undergrad. In her time here at Millikin, she completed one research assignment in her department, the topic was, “Exploring the viability of metal nano particles as cancer killing agents." She has also won two awards: The Academic Dean’s housing award 2018-2019 and Poster Symposium for her extensive research.


Her favorite quote states, "The only thing that can stop you from succeeding is your own mindset.”