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Miss Heidy Perales


Communications & Spanish

Spanish, Communications, & Digital Media Marketing

Long-Vanderburg Scholar

July 9, 2019 3:07 PM

Millikin Alumni Highlights Hard Work and Academic Achievement

Meet Heidy Perales, she graduated with a Bachelors in Spanish and Communication while pursuing an Internship in Digital Marketing. Presently, she works as a digital marketing strategist. Wanting to reside in the local area she began here undergraduate journey at Richland community college. Initially, she majored in Education but desired to learn more about marketing and business, she then switched her major to Communication and took on experiences and classes that would help her learn more about this new area of study.


In her time here at Millikin she worked a great deal, spending almost thirty-five hours or more between school and work. For a while, she worked over thirty hours at Staley Credit Union and also took part in photography on the side as a hobby and another source of income. A former member of the student organization, LASO,  and a participant in the Johns Hill after school program (due to being an education major), she also volunteered with the Long-Vanderburg Scholars program for Dennis Lab school. Heidy has always loved to volunteer, teaching at her local church often where she also used to play the saxophone. Currently, she helps organize trips, activities, and events for the kids at her church and is a volunteer for food fundraising.  


She now works at a small business located in Arthur, IL. Upon graduating, she wanted to expand on the experience she gained at her DCC Marketing internship. She recalls loving the experience and benefiting from it greatly. She also wanted to know more about business, with that information, her current position is perfect for what she had in mind. She is in charge of all digital marketing, photography, and a bit of basic graphic design at her occupation.