Mr. Cody Rodas


Certified Personal Trainer

Long-Vanderburg Scholar

July 9, 2019 3:07 PM

Millikin Student Becomes a Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Cody Rodas,  a Bachelor's in Health, fitness, and recreation major with a minor in nutrition. Currently, he works as a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a sales associate at GNC. Cody is a recipient of the Long-Vanderburg scholarship program and with the assistance of this program he was also able to study abroad in Australia. Following graduation, he is planning on getting a hands on experience in exercise science by doing personal training and receiving his certificate in strength and conditioning. Next on his list, is obtaining his masters in Kinesiology and Nutrition, after that he plans on getting a GA position for a soccer team at UIC, but this would be in a few years. 

He is so thankful for the opportunities that Millikin provided him with, experiences like studying abroad and utilizing his personal hands on training in the exercise science field.

Decatur Indoor Sports Center

He states "I originally came to Millikin to play soccer but ended up quitting to focus on school and working." This is the story told by many student athletes. The shift between successful time management in and out of the classroom is a tricky one, yet graduates like Cody were able to efficiently make these decisions and graduate with a long list of experiences upon leaving the University. Congratualations Cody!