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October 4, 2018 1:10 PM

I graduated from Millikin in 2007 as a Philosophy and History double major. After Millikin, I earned a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Florida, and then I earned my Ph.D. in philosophy from Florida State University in 2016. My research focuses on moral responsibility and the ethics of blame and punishment, as well as the nature of hypocrisy and its connection to moral standing and leadership. Currently I work as an assistant professor at the University of Mississippi in the Public Policy Leadership department, an interdisciplinary department composed of faculty from diverse backgrounds in political science, philosophy, public administration, and geography. As a philosopher, I teach courses such as Critical Thinking, Communication, and Public Policy as well as Public Policy and Ethics. It’s my job to help future leaders learn the critical thinking skills that philosophy encourages so they can not only live better lives as individuals, but help shape better policies that affect the public.

My professors at Millikin, both in the philosophy department and the history department, guided and encouraged me in my scholarship, which led me to pursue a career in academia. I had my first (very!) small taste of such a career the spring of my senior year, when I was a class assistant for a philosophy course exploring whether evolution and Christian theism are compatible. As a James Millikin Scholar, I wrote a senior thesis on free will, and my professors invested a significant amount of their time reading drafts and providing feedback to help me improve. I was fortunate enough to receive several awards for my scholarship at Millikin, including the Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz Award for Demonstrated Excellence in Philosophy, the Rev. Robert S. and Doris Stewart Prize in Religion, the Modern Languages Literary Criticism Prize, and the Scovill Award. I owe my academic success at Millikin and beyond in part to their help and encouragement.

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Below are links to my published papers:

Hypocrisy, Inconsistency, and the Moral Standing of the State,” (forthcoming). Criminal Law and Philosophy.

Moral Responsibility, Voluntary Control, and Intentional Action,” (forthcoming). Philosophia.

Hypocrisy and the Standing to Blame,” (with Daniel Miller) (2018). Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 99 (1): 118-139.

Responsibility for Wrongdoing Without Blameworthiness: How it Makes Sense and How it Doesn’t,” (2014). Philosophical Quarterly 64 (257): 569-589.