Elaine Ortyl

Elaine Ortyl




BU's Mock Trial Team

August 17, 2018 2:08 PM

I graduated in 2017 from Millikin with a BA in Philosophy/Pre-Law. I also studied musical theatre during my time at Millikin and was active in both SOTAD and the Philosophy department. I was the captain of the Ethics Bowl team and also participated in Moot Court for two years. After graduation, I moved to Boston and currently attend Boston University School of Law. I am on BU's mock trial team and will be participating in moot court this semester. I will be participating in a writing competition at the end of the semester and hopefully will gain a spot on Law Review or another law journal.

Millikin's pre-law program helped me prepare for law school in so many different ways. I think one of the most helpful classes that I took at Millikin was Moot Court. During Moot Court I learned how to read court cases, figure out legal rules and precedents, and apply those legal rules to a set of facts and argue before a panel of judges. I use those skills every single day of law school when I read multiple cases and have to discern what legal rule(s) come out of them. Furthermore, I have to write briefs and argue a case like moot court in my Lawyering writing and skills class. Also, law school exams require you to apply legal rules to a new set of facts, and participating in moot court prepared me to do that. I was ahead of the game because I had experience with cases and the legal writing before I entered law school thanks to Millikin. Furthermore, Millikin's pre-law program requires Logic, and that course is immensely helpful on the LSAT which test mainly logical reasoning. I'm grateful that Millikin prepared me so well to transition to law school!