Millikin University has made the decision to extend the campus quarantine for students through Friday, October 2, 2020. However, several adjustments will be made in order to provide opportunities for some level of in-person engagement while we continue to seek to conservatively and diligently control the impact of COVID-19 within the campus community.

Going forward the campus quarantine guidelines are as follows:

  • Mask wearing will continue in all situations where another person is present. This includes while traversing the campus grounds, in common spaces of University facilities, and while outdoors when not alone. Your mask should only be removed while dining or when you are alone in your office or residential space. Students who live in apartments and double occupancy residence hall rooms may now consider those who share their housing assignment as their family unit, and may be in their apartment and rooms without masks. However, if any student in the housing assignment is quarantined, mask wearing should must be resumed. Everyone is encouraged to be conservative mask wearers.
  • Dining will remain in "to-go" format only. There will be no seating providing in the University Commons Dining Room, and students will be asked to dine alone or in small, socially distanced groups- preferably outdoors. It is important to note that we have had positive cases of COVID-19 tied to dining closely with others. Since mask wearing cannot occur during drinking and eating, social distancing and proper air circulation is paramount while dining. When in doubt, dining alone is the best choice.
  • All residential units will continue to have a midnight curfew. Lobby tables will continue to be staffed to monitor campus travel between 8 p.m. and midnight.
  • Campus buildings will now remain open until midnight. Students may utilize labs, performance spaces, studio, practice rooms, study spaces, and computer labs from 8 a.m. - midnight. Occupancy limits and cleaning protocols must be followed.
  • Students should continue to remain on campus, whenever possible. Only approved travel outside of the Decatur area will be permitted. Students are discouraged from any unauthorized trips home or to other locations. Students should continue to utilize the travel reporting form for any off-campus travel. Travel is approved by the Office of Campus Life, on a case by case basis. Students may email to request consideration.
  • Students should continue to report their symptoms daily utilizing the myMillikin MUCOVID Clinic Symptom Tracker
  • Students will follow all quarantine and isolation procedures as directed. Aggressive contact tracing will continue. Students will be notified of any possible exposure risk and will be given instructions for testing and other action.
  • Athletic practices will resume on September 16th, 2020. Student athlete COVID-19 testing has commenced.
  • Some in-person events may begin to occur on-campus, but only with express approval. See the Event Request Form for further details.