Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program that will stimulate informed democratic citizenship in a global environment and enhance one’s knowledge of the complex and dynamic relationship between humans and the natural world. All students seeking an Environmental Studies degree should consult with the Environmental Studies Coordinator early in their college experience to ensure the most appropriate course of study to achieve their goals. The program includes a major and a minor.

Learning Goals of the Environmental Studies Major:

  • Understand this multidisciplinary field of study, and identify courses that provide the breadth and depth of knowledge needed for their chosen career path in environmental studies. 
  • Analyze a complex environmental issue using appropriate sources and include the ethical underpinnings of the issue.
  • Connect theory and practice through either participating in an internship, or by completing a research project, related to environmental studies.
  • Evaluate the importance of an environmental topic to local and global communities and reflect critically on their relationship to the topic.