Shakespeare Corrected

Shakespeare Corrected

Alex Miller,
Associate Professor, School of Theatre & Dance

Shakespeare Corrected's mission is to bring undergraduate students together with incarcerated and disadvantaged populations to collaborate and create a theatrical experience intended to inspire transformation and redemption in students, participants, and their families. Rooted in social entrepreneurship, Shakespeare Corrected is demonstrating with each new season how the arts can literally change lives. In 2018, the Shakespeare Corrected class, 14 Millikin students worked with inmates at Decatur Correctional Center and with clients of local organizations like Boys and Girls Club, Phoenix Academy, Macon Resources, Inc, and Webster-Cantrell Hall to hold performances of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream for audiences of friends, family and others. As the faculty who started this project and continues to facilitate it, I have to say it is all the work of the students in the class. They own it. They are thinking beyond themselves and they are helping inmates and clients also think beyond themselves. Our student directors had to modify the play for each cast, since adult inmates can use different skills than special needs populations or after school youth programs, but the outcome is powerful for all involved.