Recognizing Excellence

The Employee Recognition Committee was created to recognize outstanding members of the Millikin Community through the Employee Service Awards Recognition Program, Employee of the Month Program (EOM), and Employee of the Year Recognition (EOY).

For more information on criteria required to submit a nomination, visit our Employee Recognition Committee page. During the Academic Year, recognize an exceptional Millikin staff member by submitting your nomination for the Employee of the Month (EOM) to

Employees of the Month 2018-2019

  • April - Nicole DeLiberis
  • May - Brynn Kickle
  • August - Danielle Fields
  • September - Kristie Montgomery
  • October - Eric Mercer
  • November - Michael Sargeant
  • December - Brittnee Snodgrass
  • January - Bonnie Niemeyer
  • February - Starla Street
  • March - Jennifer Moore

Employee of the Year 2019

  • Danielle Fields - Danielle was honored as the Employee of the Month in August 2018.  Danielle began working at Millikin in February 2005 as an Executive Assistant in the Business Office.  She has held several positions in the Business Office over the years, most recently as a Financial Analyst.  She transferred to Marketing and Media Relations in March 2019 and serves as a Communication Specialist.

Employees of the Month 2017-2018

  • April - Marita Maddox
  • May - Kim Dial
  • August - Lashonda Anderson
  • September - Deb Kiick
  • October - Kyle Taylor
  • November - Erika Brewer
  • December - Lisa Lindsey
  • January - Ruth Nihiser
  • February - Candice Germany
  • March - Tom Friend

Employee of the Year 2018

  • Candice Germary - Candice was honored as Employee of the Month for February 2018.  Candice began working at Millikin in July 2017 and serves as the Assistant Director of the University Commons in Student Development.

Employees of the Month 2016-2017

  • April - Dane Lisser
  • May - Gwen Davis
  • August - Donna Hyland
  • September - Mary Spencer
  • October - Lori Kerans
  • November - Bethany Wetherholt
  • December - Kimberly Lorton
  • January - Bryan Marshall
  • February - Shelby Baum
  • March- Cindie Zelhart

Employee of the Year 2017

  • Gwen Davis - Gwen was honored as Employee of the Month for May 2016.  Gwen began working at Millikin in 1999 and transferred to Human Resources in 2011 where she serves as Benefits Manager/HR Representative.

Employees of the Month 2015-2016

  • April - Dan Derrick
  • May - Ron Ninmer
  • August - Jessica Landgrebe
  • September - Becky Massey
  • October - Jenell Hironimus
  • November - Tammy Morrison
  • December - Kathy Housh
  • January - Tim Mulvaney
  • February - Blake Woodard
  • March - Chris Myers

Employee of the Year 2016

  • Tammy Morrison - Tammy was honored as Employee of the Month for November 2015.  Tammy began working as a temporary, part-time Secretary/Receptionist in the Marketing & communication Department on August 23, 2001. Serving in different roles at the university over the last several years, Tammy became the Administrative Assistant II to the Dean of Student Development in June 2013, where she is currently working.

Employees of the Month 2014-2015

  • April - Jacob Cushing
  • May - Jill Johnson
  • August - Lydia Walker
  • September - Eric McKinney
  • October - Erik Schroeder
  • November - Bethany Skinner
  • December - Ruth Young
  • January - Julie Lorson
  • February - Lynette Lambert
  • March - Joshua Taliaferro

Employee of the Year 2015

  • Erik Schroeder - Erik was honored as Employee of the Month for October 2014.  Erik began working at Millikin University as a Database Analyst in Information Technology on June 4, 2007.  He was promoted to Database Analyst II on November 9, 2009 and then to Sr. Database Analyst/Project Manager on September 1, 2013.

Employees of the Month 2013-2014

  • April - Matt Nadelhoffer
  • May - Laura Birch
  • August - Deania Luthy
  • September - Lisa Lindsey
  • October - Angie Hawk
  • November - Kim Crow
  • December - Cindy Landacre
  • January - Amanda Barnes
  • February - Stacy Patridge
  • March - Stacey Shutter

Employee of the Year 2014

  • Cindy Landacre - Cindy Landacre, administrative assistant in the Tabor School of Business, was named Employee of the Year for the 2013-2014 academic year during a recognition ceremony held April 15, 2014.  Landacre was Millikin’s Employee of the Month for December 2013. Cindy began working at Millikin on Feb. 3, 1997, as a secretary in the Development Office. She has also worked with the Teaching & Learning and Honors Programs. Since July 1, 2007, Cindy has served as the administrative assistant in the Tabor School of Business.

Employees of the Month 2012-2013

  • April - Lori Gilbert
  • May - Kim Wenthe
  • August - Terra Lamb
  • September - Isaac Canaday
  • October - Lisa Casey
  • November - Jake Tolbert
  • December - Ellen Engh
  • January - Tammy Maxwell
  • February - Brynn Kickle
  • March - Nathan John

Employee of the Year 2013

  • Tammy Maxwell - Tammy Maxwell, assistant director of human resources, was named Employee of the Year for the 2012-2013 academic year during a recognition ceremony held April 16, 2013. Maxwell was Millikin’s Employee of the Month for January 2013. Tammy began working at Millikin University as a part-time secretary in the human resources department on Sept. 8, 1998. Tammy became the assistant director of human resources in 2004.

Peers Recognizing Peers

The Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) is composed of members of Millikin University as follows:

  • Two faculty members, each with a two-year term of service
  • Two professional staff members, each with a one-year term of service, and renewable for one additional year
  • Two support staff members, with a one-year term of service
  • One representative from the Millikin University Human Resources Office
  • The previous year's Employee of the Year
  • One student, with a one-year term of service

Committee responsibilities

The Employee Recognition Committee is responsible for managing and implementing the following Millikin University programs:

  • Employee of the Month (EOM) award
  • Employee of the Year (EOY) award
  • Employee Service Awards

For more information on any of these programs, to volunteer for the committee, or submit a nomination for EOM please send an email to

Who's eligible for Employee of the Month?

  1. Nominee must be a regularly scheduled professional or support staff employee at Millikin University with a minimum of six months of service. Professors/Instructors/Directors and above are NOT eligible.
  2. The nominee should exhibit exemplary service while embracing the spirit of the Millikin community and mission.
  3. An employee is eligible to be named "Employee of the Month" once every two years.
  4. Please include details on why you feel the nominated individual deserves the award.
  5. Not sure if someone is eligible? Send your nomination, and we'll let you know!