Updated: May 19, 2021 -  3:45 p.m. CST


Update to Travel and Testing Requirements

The CDC recently updated their guidance for those who have been fully vaccinated as it relates to mask wearing and social–distancing.  We understand there may be some confusion and want to reiterate Millikin’s expectations, as well as travel and testing requirements for campus at this time.

Hot spots:  Given that all but a few states are off the “hot spot” list, we will suspend the weekly tracking of hotspots but will continue to update the Millikin University related stats on the website every Wednesday for the summer months.   

Masks:  Fully vaccinated employees will no longer be required to wear masks on campus.  Non-vaccinated employees are expected to continue to wear masks indoors. 

Travel:  For those who have been fully-vaccinated and traveling in the United States, you do not need to test or self-quarantine after travel unless you are showing symptoms of COVID.   

Those who have not been vaccinated and traveling by plane or train will need to self- quarantine for three days upon return from your flight or travel before testing for COVID-19 on the third day of quarantine. You may return to work if you produce a negative test.  If you test positive, you will need to notify your supervisor and will be asked to isolate for the recommended full isolation period as designated by the Macon County Health Department (MCHD) or the health department having jurisdiction.

Everyone traveling internationally will need to self-quarantine and then test on the third day following travel, as noted above. 

Testing:  Employees who would like to test may contact Student Affairs during business hours at 217-424-6395 or stdev@millikin.edu to schedule a test.  You may choose to test on campus via our SHIELD Testing Program or at any available testing site in the community. You will receive your test results within one day with SHIELD testing.  Results must be shared with Human Resources before being permitted to return to work.

SHIELD renewal:  We have renewed our contract with SHEILD Illinois for fall 2021.  We expect the clinic to open similar hours to this past spring ad be staffed similarly as well. 

NEW in Fall 2021:  Family members of employees will be permitted to test with us in the fall for a $30 nominal fee charged to the employee account. 

COVID Vaccination Plans Survey Reminder:  If you have not yet submitted your COVID Vaccination Plans survey, please do so through MUOnline here.

For the most current updates, continue to refer to www.millikin.edu/covid19 . Please feel free to contact Human Resources at 362-6416 with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your continued commitment to the health and safety of our students and campus community.